Ordinary voters do not trust politicians


While Liz Truss will quite rightly be given time to prove whether or not she is up to the job of Prime Minister, what was quite interesting were some of the comments made by ordinary voters.

The clear feeling of a majority of voters was that the word of a politician of any stripe is pretty worthless.

When coupled with the fact that 'talk is cheap', and talk is the currency of politics, it has to be recognised that if the new Prime Minister fails to deliver, the resulting consequence will be a new government made up of politicians - the very same people who are not trusted by the public.

Kind regards,

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive



Happy memories of the Health Hydro

Dear Editor,

How wonderful to read your article about the Swindon Health Hydro.

This brought back many memories of the times my friends and I spent there in the early 1960s.

I am now in my 70s and I remember spending every weekend and many evenings after school at the pool.

My love for the pool began when we had swimming lessons through school trips to the pool and learnt to swim.

I remember that when the pool was closed for some time for modernising in the 1960s.

We were totally lost but when it reopened, it was wonderful

We would spend many hours there, mainly in the shallow end of the pool jumping in and out and splashing about.

But keeping out of the way of Brian Jenkins -when he was there doing many lengths of the Butterfly stroke.

I remember being very hungry after spending many hours in the pool when we finished but could not wait until the next time


Mike Ringham

York Road Swindon

A tear watching the Queen's final journey

Dear Editor,

I was born and brought up in the East End of Glasgow in the 1940s.

The men are expected, at funerals, to save the tears and make your face a mask of resilience.

I always have.

But as I watched the plane land at RAF Northolt with Her Majesty's coffin, without realising it I detected a tear running down my face.

I suspect I was not alone on that one.

Princess Anne was there with Liz Truss.

Anne epitomises her mothers work ethic regarding Royal duties. Are you listening Harry and Meghan ?

Watching the young RAF lads bringing out the coffin and putting it onto the funeral car with military precision, with millions of people all over the world watching, made me proud of my country.

Be it coronations, Royal funerals or changing the Guard at the palace, nobody does it better than Great Britain.

At this sad time for the nation, one thing is clear, I am pleased to say.

The admiration and grief shown by the Scottish population to Her late Majesty and King Charles III scuppers and sinks, once and for all, the pathetic attempt of Nicola Sturgeon's ship N.S. Sedition to break up our centuries old Union .

God Save the King,

Bill Williams,

Merlin Way,