The smartphone alert test happened over the weekend. I hope you enjoyed it because the next time you hear that phone alarm you’ll probably have bigger things on your mind.

I received the message at 2:59 rather than 3pm, which means I’d have been safely in my bunker while you’d all be scrambling for shelter.

Sorry, it seems some of us have been selected to be saved while others are expendable.

The alert only lasted for ten seconds and you could stop it earlier by acknowledging the message, but you didn’t, did you, because it was fun to watch it.

Normally I hold my phone and stare at it when someone is calling, thinking, “Why aren’t you sending me a text message?”

The system uses the cell towers that your mobile phone is connected to. The tower can push a message onto your smartphone and give you details of the emergency.

They tested the system at 3pm on a Sunday, which is effectively war on those of us who love a good nap.

All smartphones were activated, which means if you have a second phone with a pay-as-you-go SIM to organise your extramarital affair or drugs side-business you were exposed.

It was useful if you were looking for a lost phone, which made it bad news for Rebekah Vardy.

I found it fascinating to read the comments on social media from people who thought this was some kind of conspiracy.

One tweeter said this was done to keep the population in fear and paranoid. Then why wasn’t it scary?

It was just another message on a phone. I have had more concerning communication from The Readers’ Digest about their prize draw and they knew here I live.

The only thing making me feel afraid and paranoid was the amount of tweets saying it was all a conspiracy out to get us.

Some people were claiming this test was a way to activate the nano-technology that was injected into in the COVID vaccine.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say I doubt that’s true.

What kind of a stupid conspiracy organiser would put the latest, untraceable tech in millions of people but have it require a sound to turn it on?

Some people who really buy into the conspiracy theory turned off this potentially life-saving phone feature. Is it unkind to think of that we Darwinism?

This is a system that other countries have operated for several years to deliver warnings about severe weather conditions.

If they told us it was something that talks about the weather it would have been welcomed into the British way of life right away.