Glad Conservatives were voted out

Dear Editor,

At last, the people of Swindon have woke up and voted out the Conservative administration that has dominated Swindon politics for the past twenty years, thirteen of them overseen by David Renard.

In his post election speech after being voted out by the electorate, he said he is "proud of his achievements as leader".

For myself and, I expect, for many others in this town, his legacy will be remembered has that has one of a town centre that is decimated beyond repair, buildings such as the Locarno and Mechanics Institute on the brink of collapse, pot holes in roads as big has the cars that have to avoid them, the list is endless.

Let us hope the halls of power in Swindon are never darkened by the Tories again.

Many thanks.

Yours faithfully ,

Mark Webb

Old Town

Brexit is blamed for every problem

Dear editor,

Every time I read about something falling into disrepair or things not done that need doing - potholes being one of them - it gets blamed on Brexit.

I am fed up hearing that word.

Let's get on and do things for ourselves.

We can’t get this, can’t get that, from car parts and cars to kitchens and building materials.

So is it beyond us to manufacture things in England that we need?

We used to be a manufacturing nation.

Now it seems we rely on other countries for our goods.

It's all got out of hand. Heaven help us if there is another war.

It’s time we became more independent or I don’t know how we will cope.

Carole Gleed,

Proud Close,


Help me find my brother's friend

Dear editor,

I am trying to trace my brother’s friend Sharon Young (surname may have changed) who went to live in Spain a few years ago.

She lived in Menham Close, Swindon and worked as a responder.

I am hoping one of your readers may be in touch with her or her son who, as far as I know. still lives in Stratton.

My brother died at the beginning of February and all my efforts to find her have failed so this is a last ditch attempt.

I will be grateful if my details can be passed on to her or her son and ask that they contact me on 01793 812047 or email

Many thanks in advance.

Jill Warren,

Plummer Close,


No common sense on 'links to hunting'

Dear editor,

It comes as no surprise that the Country Alliance is calling for Wiltshire's Police and Crime Commissioner to stand down.

Having demonstrated a feeble attitude in removing a member of the rural crime team from her post, it was inevitable the police force would be targeted.

The Countryside Alliance demonstrates a complete lack of common sense with its definition of 'links to hunting'.

Next it will castigate someone for watching Springwatch.

Kind regards,

Des Morgan,

Caraway Drive,