With the boundary commission’s final proposals that see a fair deal of tinkering with the (now) East Wiltshire seat due to be rubber-stamped in our Parliament over the coming weeks, may I, as your local True & Fair Party Candidate, firstly acknowledge the genuine concerns I hear expressed by many living in those areas gained from other constituencies

Like other Wiltshire residents, I realise that those living in wards carved out of Swindon are likely to identify far more closely with that town than they will with the more central Marlborough/Pewsey Vale area and no doubt many will be wondering why they have ended up in East Wiltshire.

This Is Wiltshire: Pete Force-Jones, True & Fair Party Parliamentary Candidate for East Wiltshire

Likewise, those living in the far South who have joined from the current Salisbury seat will clearly have questions as to how and why they have ended up where they are now.

To all those voices, I have a simple message.

I totally ‘get’ your concerns. I too find some of the decisions made baffling. But, if elected, I would like to offer you reassurances that you will be no less on my radar than your fellow constituents, whether they live in Ham, Beckhampton, Aldbourne, Tidworth or elsewhere.

Though the stated intention of rejigging boundaries does keep the potential number of voters per constituency roughly equal, it does little to address bigger concerns.

In my opinion, it is more worrying that this mere tinkering does nothing to address the true imbalances of our electoral system and democracy-the way votes for respective parties are represented in parliament after elections.

An equal, democratic balance between votes cast and seats held in the multi party system we live in, can not be (and has not been) reflected using the current first past the post system we currently have.

I continue to ask why the votes of some people should continue to count for less than those of others?

Both I, and the party I am standing for, do not believe good democracies should work in this distorted manner.

We deserve better. Every vote cast should hold equal weighting in a decent democratic society.

We believe future UK elections should be held using proportional representation.

Pete Force-Jones,

True & Fair Party Parliamentary Candidate for East Wiltshire

Bin collection rules don't make sense

I have just read about food bins and blue bags.

To be informed that this is a present from the council, what planet are they on? Why two food bins?

Do I really want a food bin indoors smelling of leftovers? I give my leftover food to my dog.

We will be given blue bags, I hope I that I don’t need to buy them?

They are for plastic and tins. I think the tin lids will rip the plastic bags, spilling the contents!

I thought that we were told the world was cutting back on the use of plastic packing. I am re-cycling more and more plastic.

We have been asked to use the spare black box for glass. I have three bottles a fortnight. Christmas, maybe a few more.

What a waste of a box and time in putting it out.

The council have spent £7 million of our money on buying a fleet of new trucks.

Would the money be better spent on pot- holes on the roads around Swindon?

The only thing that I agree with is I will be getting a letter explaining all these new and exciting bin days!

I hope I will be able to understand it all. If not I will phone the council and ask for help.

Janet Woodham.

Scotby Avenue,

Old Town