We must keep rail ticket counters open

I REFER to the article in the Swindon Advertiser on Tuesday, July 18, regarding the queues at the ticket machine on Swindon Railway Station.

I use the trains frequently and always purchase my tickets from the ladies in the booking office.

They are all very pleasant and are able to give any information I may require. Would a machine be able to supply information?

I like to think I am keeping them in employment.

Many a time, I have seen people queueing at the ticket machine when they could have purchased their tickets in the booking office.

This plays into the bosses of the railways' hands and gives them an excuse to close the offices.

The same can be said about supermarket trying to encourage customers to serve themselves, therefore enabling the supermarket bosses to close the checkouts and make the operators redundant.

What a great shame that people can't be bothered to use the booking offices or checkouts and keep these people in employment.

Richard Albrighton,

Tamworth Drive,


Stop rail ticket machine closure

I AM surprised, although I might have missed it, that you are not following the proposed closing down of the ticket office at Chippenham Railway Station.

The Rail Delivery Group, which apparently represents Britain's train companies, is ending its consultation period on July 26.

I use the ticket office a lot, as do all generations, and it will be a nonsense if it is closed. It is a busy station.

I see that the Sunday Times, The Times, Daily Telegraph, and The i paper are all commenting. This proposed closure is another so-called 'cost cutting measure'.

I have again written to James Gray but I fear it is all too late. Our voices are not being heard at all these days.

Jill Holt,

Church Road,


Pond looks lovely after big clean-up

Way back in March, I read with interest of Mr Flockhart's efforts to organise a clean-up and overhaul of the pond near Ocotal Way, by the County Ground Park.

I finally got to visit the pond recently and 'Wow', what a transformation!

The whole area around the pool is so tidy.

I can well remember what a terrible, overgrown state it was in, as well as being full of cans and bottles, shopping trolleys, and other litter!

Let's hope that it can be kept tidy and clean from now on, as it is a rare and precious urban space for wildlife, frogs, newts, dragonflies, etc.

Full marks to all who contributed to the clean-up operation!

G.P. Cook,


Address supplied

Concert memories of legend Tony Bennett

It was with great sadness the world heard of the passing of Tony Bennett over the weekend.

Both myself and my brother Martin had the privilege and honour to have seen him in concert on many occasions over a number of years at the Royal Albert Hall.

His voice was quite simply pure velvet.

Thank you Tony for some wonderful memories and nights you gave us at the Albert Hall, memories we will take with us through our lives.

You were and still are to us, the Webb twins, an absolute legend

RIP Tony.

Mark and Martin Webb,

Old Town