A turning near the M4 Junction 16 roundabout could become an accident blackspot, one Adver reader fears.

Traffic trouble added a sour note to a nice day out at a garden centre in Wroughton for Brenda Doré and her friends.

Brenda wrote to this newspaper to raise concerns about the junction that connects Studley Grange and Butterfly World visitors to Hay Lane a short distance away from one of the busiest roundabouts in Swindon.

The limited visibility and heavy flow of fast traffic makes it tricky for motorists who wish to head away from J16 to turn right onto the road - and these conditions could lead to a serious accident.

She said: "A few days ago, myself and some friends visited Studley Grange Garden Centre at Hay Lane in Wroughton.

"We enjoyed looking around and had a meal, before heading back into Wroughton.

"We had big problems exiting the garden centre, owing to a large number of cars heading into Wroughton from the nearby Junction 16 of the M4.

"The cars were going at quite a pace, probably just having come from the motorway, and on exiting from Studley Grange, the view to the left is very restricted.

"It took a good five minutes to make the right turn back into Wroughton.

"It may have been safer to exit left and go around Junction 16 before coming back into Wroughton!

"One day, I feel sure there will be an accident there, and wonder if there could be some way of making the situation less hazardous.

"Perhaps a small roundabout or some way of slowing the traffic coming along Hay Lane from the M4 roundabout?

"I wonder if driving instructors ever take their life in the hands of their pupils turning right out of Studley Grange?"