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Registration help

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you register with This Is Wiltshire, log in and manage your account.

What details do I need to register with?

To get started, all you need is a valid email address. We only ask you to provide this, plus your name and a username and password of your choice. You also have the option to add your location and mobile number so that we can personalise any messages we need to send you. If you choose to add your location information this will be displayed next to any comments you make on the site, alongside your chosen username. We will never display your mobile number, your real name, or your email address on the website.

What are the benefits of registering with This Is Wiltshire?

By registering you will be able to comment on articles and subscribe to email newsletters. Your newsletter options are available on the "My Account" page.

What is a verification email?

When you register with This Is Wiltshire we will send you an email as confirmation. Contained within the email is a link back to the site. Clicking the list confirms your registration and opens your account.

I went through the registration process on the site but did not receive a verification email. How can I verify my account?

On rare occasions the verification email that we send to you might drop into your spam/junk email folder by mistake. Please check this folder in your email account. If you cannot find it then you can request another verification email here.

What does "Use your existing account with Facebook" enable me to do?

It makes things easier for you! By selecting "Use your account with Facebook" you can register with This Is Wiltshire by using the same email address and password that you use to log in to Facebook. Once you have done this we will ask your permission to share some basic details from your Facebook profile in order to quickly register you with our site. Choosing this method means your log in details remain synchronised with your Facebook details so it makes the process of registering and logging in to our site much easier for you. It also means you will not need to remember separate log in details.

I used to log in with my username and now I have to use my email address, but I cannot remember the email address I registered with. How can I find this out?

You can request a reminder of the email address you originally registered with by following this link and entering your username and password.

I want to amend the email newsletters that I receive, how can I do this?

Simply log into your account and select or deselect the email newsletters you wish to receive on the ‘My Account’ page and click ‘save changes’. You will receive an email confirming your changes.

I've forgotten my password.

If you have forgotten your password, click here to request a new password.

How do I log in and out of my account?

Simply click the link in the top right hand corner of this site that will either say "Log in" or "Logged in as ...". Then enter your email address and password to log in, or click on the "Log out of This Is Wiltshire" button.

How do I add a comment?

You can have your say on stories we publish by using the comment form at the foot of our articles. Simply sign in (or register) and leave your comment. Your comments will be displayed beneath the story, attributed to your username.

Please be fair, courteous and above all respectful of the views of others. While we do not actively moderate comments, action will be taken against any registered users who offend, ridicule, or post malicious and damaging views. You can alert us to any abuse by using the "report this comment" link. By registering with This Is Wiltshire you accept personal liability for your comments and must agree to our terms and conditions.