Take care of your pets

This Is Wiltshire:

1:58pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

I AM A lifelong pet owner and animal lover, of all creatures great and small. Some people in Covingham may say, dog lover extraordinaire. I buy a packet of dog biscuits every week, to feed my fellow dog walkers’ pets savoury treats. Some dogs sense my presence from 300 yards. Apologies to their owners’ arm joints, if their pets are on a leash.

Eye-in-the-sky culture

This Is Wiltshire:

1:57pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

OH NO. Cutbacks mean that CCTV coverage of us going about our daily business cannot be continued 24/7. However will we cope?

They are here legally

This Is Wiltshire:

1:56pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

318,000 is the net figure for people that migrated to Britain during the year 2014. These people came to Britain legally to live and work in Britain. This is nothing to do with illegal migrants. The net migration figure does not include any people that are here illegally. For this reason, cracking down on people that are working illegally will make no difference to the net migration figures.

Stop CAP subsidies

This Is Wiltshire:

1:55pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

WE LEARNED on TV today that an EU immigrant working in this country, with two children living elsewhere, could receive about £700 per month in family tax credits. Presumably this is if he is unfortunate enough to be earning only the statutory minimum wage. Mr Cameron has pledged to get this entitlement rescinded before he puts the in/out EU referendum to the electorate.

Tickets are necessary

This Is Wiltshire:

1:54pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

I READ with interest the report May 22, ‘Avoid the ticket traps’.

Sign up for race

This Is Wiltshire:

1:46pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

Independent runners have already applied to join our team and reap the rewards.

Help with diabetes

This Is Wiltshire:

1:44pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

THE likelihood is that some of your readers will have a child in their family with diabetes.

Tell us why this is

This Is Wiltshire:

1:44pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

RE “Throne in safe hands.” (Adver 21 May from Bill Williams). I quote: “Before the bleating, hate-filled anti-monarchy brigade put pen to paper...”

Missing the point

This Is Wiltshire:

1:42pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

RE: Throne in safe hands (Bill Williams. Adver 21/5/15).

Road likely to stay

This Is Wiltshire:

1:41pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

I ATTENDED the presentation by Network Rail in Wootton Bassett on Wednesday, May 20, which outlined the road closures and the work due to be initiated on the Skew Bridges and the Marlborough Road Bridge to allow for the electrification process to be carried out.

EU's negative impact

This Is Wiltshire:

1:35pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

UK MANUFACTURING output has been in continuous decline since Britain joined the EU in 1973.

Find love....on telly

This Is Wiltshire:

1:34pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

ARE you a single guy or girl looking for romance? Do you want to meet the love of your life?

Up for a challenge

This Is Wiltshire:

1:33pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

COMMANDO Spirit and Ethos are at the heart of everything the world famous Royal Marines do – and in particular their ability to work as a team.

Learn first aid for free

This Is Wiltshire:

1:32pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

WE are a first aid training centre with a link with the British Heart Foundation and we run a two-hour first aid course on what to do if someone has a heart attack.

Watching the Lib Dems

This Is Wiltshire:

1:30pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

THE Liberal Democrats are the party that claim to have the strongest support for Britain’s continued membership of the European Union.

The business of charity

This Is Wiltshire:

1:28pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

OVER the past few days I have heard more bad reports on the TV and in the papers about the lady in Bristol who may have taken her own life because she was being hounded by charities calling and mailing her, because at some stage she had not one, but 27 direct debits coming out of her bank account for various amounts to various charities.

Expect more misery

This Is Wiltshire:

1:27pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

RE VE DAY. Millions lost their lives; great sacrifices made; for what? Would those same heroes have still fought and suffered had they known the fate of their few generation’s away descendants?

Election coverage

This Is Wiltshire:

1:12pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

I WONDER how many SA readers, like me, were disappointed with the lack of coverage on the recent general and local elections. Yes, there were plenty of reports and pictures of the happy and jubilant Tories, likewise with the dejected looking Labour Party, but where was a full comprehensive round up of the general election results for South and North Swindon?

Tories attack poor

This Is Wiltshire:

1:07pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

JUSTIN Tomlinson’s article of 15 May, re his new ministerial role as the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Disabled People, normally one would congratulate him, but such days of political naivety have long gone.

Keep him in jail

This Is Wiltshire:

1:06pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

VICTORINO Chua (the hospital poisoner) got 25 life sentences and will have to serve 35 years before being considered for parole.

Tories are wicked

This Is Wiltshire:

1:04pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

FURTHER to my letter of May 13, I have received more minutes of the Tory Party, this time for April 1, 2009, not long after the global financial crash.

Policy is wrong

This Is Wiltshire:

1:02pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

IF PEOPLE are searching for a reason why the working class are deserting the Labour Party in such great numbers they would do well to look at Labour’s immigration policy.

Traffic solutions

This Is Wiltshire:

1:00pm Tuesday 26th May 2015

AT THIS time of cuts to all funding to all the services in and around town, I have a few solutions that the Swindon Council can do to reduce costs.

Help given on road

This Is Wiltshire:

11:47am Thursday 21st May 2015

ON SATURDAY, when travelling to Cherhill Cricket Club for the Calne v Wanborough Match, my Austin 7 Countryman Mark 1 Mini estate (55 years old on August 11) developed fuel pump problems. As result the last eight miles of the journey took three with Woodie (as she is known) creeping along in first gear at about three mph.

Tribute to members

This Is Wiltshire:

11:46am Thursday 21st May 2015

HIGHWORTH and District Branch of the RNLI have received the sum of £117.50 as a donation in memory of Mrs Pam DeFrates who along with her late husband was a staunch supporter of the RNLI, and will be sadly missed.

This too shall pass

This Is Wiltshire:

11:45am Thursday 21st May 2015

THE Tory win was a shock to the system, certainly to my system! But, we must remember that only one in four registered voters actually voted for the winners. It is also clear that winners under our ‘first past the post’ system will never make sensible changes.

Ecological disaster

This Is Wiltshire:

11:43am Thursday 21st May 2015

I HAVE just watched the BBC news reporting on a study issued by a body representing British Wildlife. This study showed that in the last five years we have lost 80 per cent of our river wildlife, this includes the near extinction of water voles, rates, fish and other river life including plant wildlife and habitat. They quote two main reasons for this disaster.

Lords are not wanted

This Is Wiltshire:

11:41am Thursday 21st May 2015

THE General Election having been concluded, how long before the Government starts to interfere with the makeup of the Parliamentary system with new appointments to the House of Lords, an Upper Chamber already over populated with rejected and retired politicians all enjoying tax free allowances of £300 per day to supplement their generous pensions?

Throne's in safe hands

This Is Wiltshire:

11:40am Thursday 21st May 2015

HAVING being brought up a loyal subject of her majesty the Queen and retaining that respect all through my life, I must admit I was a bit concerned about The Guardian’s vigorous campaign to let the world see the letters sent to government ministers by Prince Charles. Let’s face it, how many of us would be happy facing such public intrusion into our mail?

Musical representation

This Is Wiltshire:

11:39am Thursday 21st May 2015

HERE are the 2015 General Election Results, represented by songs from Les Miserables:

Go blue for good cause

This Is Wiltshire:

11:38am Thursday 21st May 2015

I’M WRITING to appeal to your readers to get involved and show their support for the Harrison’s Fund Blue Hair Day on 26 June.

A wonderful mayor

This Is Wiltshire:

11:37am Thursday 21st May 2015

NOW that our Mayor Teresa Page is nearing the end of her term of office I would like to pay tribute and also sincerely thank her for her tireless commitment to her mayoral duties during the past year.

Election was a joke

This Is Wiltshire:

11:30am Thursday 21st May 2015

DOCTORS retiring and emigrating in droves; all main services, hospitals, schools etc overwhelmed. A rapidly deteriorating environment – all this brought about by the actions of traitor Blair.

Hoping for Karma

This Is Wiltshire:

11:30am Thursday 21st May 2015

RE CAMERON Antal’s bike being stolen. Maybe if they have a conscience, they may return it.

Not representative

This Is Wiltshire:

11:29am Thursday 21st May 2015

NOTHING changes when the elections come around and the end results are the usual Labour/Tory victories.

Thanks for kindness

This Is Wiltshire:

11:28am Thursday 21st May 2015

ON MONDAY, May 11, while waiting for the Number 17 bus on Fleming Way, I had a fit of coughing. A lady me offered me a soothing menthol sweet which I accepted and the cough subsided.

Disparity is obscene

This Is Wiltshire:

11:27am Thursday 21st May 2015

ON THE evening of Monday, May 11, I went to the Swindon Arts Centre where, as part of the Swindon Festival of Literature, Peter Tatchell the LGBT and Human Rights activist, spoke in length about the fact that he was born into a strong Christian household, but is now a humanist.

Sort out dangerous road

This Is Wiltshire:

11:26am Thursday 21st May 2015

I REFER to the letter of May 14, ‘David Renard says Swindon’s voice will continue to be heard’.

Generous donations

This Is Wiltshire:

11:21am Thursday 21st May 2015

THANK you to everyone who donated to our collection at Pets at Home, Stratton store on Saturday, May16.

4G success story

This Is Wiltshire:

11:19am Thursday 21st May 2015

I WONDER how many readers took in the splendid news that the town of Royal Wootton Bassett has gone into the superfast broadband age of 4G?

Help was appreciated

This Is Wiltshire:

11:18am Thursday 21st May 2015

MAY I thank everyone who helped me when I had a nasty fall in Sainsbury’s car park at Bridge Mead on Monday, April 20, especially Linda Day who phoned the ambulance and Sainsbury’s first aid staff Karen and Tamzin. These ladies names were given to me later after I spent 27 hours at the hospital.

Hair-raising punishment

This Is Wiltshire:

11:15am Thursday 21st May 2015

I SOMETIMES do not believe what I read. I have no sympathy with people who dabble in drugs. It causes so much misery and for a couple of drug dealers to be fined £1 each in Swindon is a bit of a joke.

Thanks for your support

This Is Wiltshire:

11:14am Thursday 21st May 2015

AS LABOUR’S parliamentary candidate for North Swindon I would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me and those people who helped me in the election.

Back up your claims

This Is Wiltshire:

11:13am Thursday 21st May 2015

ELLA March demonstrates a level of political conviction which is absolutely admirable.

Don't deny the disabled

This Is Wiltshire:

11:19am Monday 18th May 2015

I’M SURE readers wanted their voice to matter in the recent election.

Turn to us for some help

This Is Wiltshire:

11:18am Monday 18th May 2015

WE welcome a new report by Academics Stand Against Poverty as it keeps public attention on the issue of poverty.

A bad result for animals

This Is Wiltshire:

11:17am Monday 18th May 2015

SO who’s pleased the Tories won? Well, there’s the bankers, Rupert Murdoch, the fox hunters, the hare coursers and the terrier men, non doms, very rich people, Jeremy Clarkson and Tory newspaper proprietors.

Where now for Labour?

This Is Wiltshire:

11:14am Monday 18th May 2015

FOLLOWING the appalling election result, it is remarkable how (old) New Labour theorists are crawling from the woodwork and peeling themselves from the bottom of barrels to say Labour lost the election because they were too left wing.

Thanks for your votes

This Is Wiltshire:

11:13am Monday 18th May 2015

I WOULD like to thank the residents of Highworth ward who voted Conservative in the recent elections and for providing us all with the opportunity to continue serving as your councillors. We all look forward to working on everyone’s behalf.

Where is the fairness

This Is Wiltshire:

11:10am Monday 18th May 2015

AFTER winning the first all-Tory Government in 18 years, David Cameron announced he wants to fast track the lowering of the benefits cap to a mind-boggling £23,000 from £27,000 per year.


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