Oasis becomes complete farce

This Is Wiltshire:

12:32pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

The ongoing saga of the Oasis development and the Conservative administration’s chosen provider Moirai is fast turning into yet another farce. It was in July 2012, over two years ago, that SBC granted a number of leases to Moirai Capital Investments.

A sad morality tale

This Is Wiltshire:

12:31pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

The British Government under Blair and Cameron have allowed and encouraged large numbers of immigrants to relocate to the UK and are awarded by the actions of many who have developed ‘brothel’ amenities in large parts of the country.

Anonymous and wrong

This Is Wiltshire:

12:30pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

We who write to your letter pages quite rightly have to give our names and addresses. In your column "Your Say" people email you using nom de plumes or perhaps nom de keyboard would be a better term.

Give Greens an airing

This Is Wiltshire:

12:28pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

In response to Andrew Day’s letter ‘Unbalanced over UKIP’, I couldn’t agree with him more.

We want reform

This Is Wiltshire:

12:28pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

In addition to the point made by Terry Hayward with which I agree, concerning the ever spreading tentacles of the EU, the EU president has confirmed the relationship between the UK and the EU.

Cleaning up my act

This Is Wiltshire:

12:22pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

Well, so much time has passed since I made my New Year’s resolution I tend to wonder where am I now?

Sanctions damage

This Is Wiltshire:

12:20pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

The USA continues to be intent on maintaining its blatant interference and coercion in the affairs of other sovereign countries purely it would seem for the sole purpose of financial gain, whilst at the same time having the knock on effect of destabilising their economies.

European vassal state

This Is Wiltshire:

12:19pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

The outgoing President of the EU Commission, former Maoist revolutionary, Jose Manuel Barrosa from Portugal, states on British national television that Britain has no control over our own borders.

Tories wreak havoc

This Is Wiltshire:

12:13pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

In the run up to the election in 2010, David Cameron spoke of what he called a ‘broken society’. In 2012 the Adver printed a letter of mine ‘A destroyed society’, in which I wrote that Cameron’s ideological policies would wreak havoc and misery across the country.

Bridge work means chaos

This Is Wiltshire:

9:35am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Having visited the drop-in session concerning the road improvements at Bruce Street Bridges and drainage works in nearby streets, I have no doubt that traffic circulation will improve once the four mini roundabouts are replaced by one large one.

Ebola and dry season

This Is Wiltshire:

9:33am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

If I remember from school geography lessons, the weather may lend a hand to lessen the current disastrous spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa.

Increase tax on fuel

This Is Wiltshire:

9:32am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

SO the DVLA are going to abolish road tax discs from the windscreens of motor vehicles and use cameras and computers. Come on DVLA, surely the fairest thing would be to increase the tax/duty on motor fuel. Then those paying the most mileage would pay more than the men or women who do short runs, like to work, shopping and school runs.

USA leads us astray

This Is Wiltshire:

9:30am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Germany is struggling with its manufacturing industry bumping along the bottom, which has never been the case since its restoration following WW2.

Meters pose threats

This Is Wiltshire:

9:28am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Re ‘Not so Smart Meters’ (SA October 15), Ms G Theil is right to be worried. There is growing opposition to Smart meters. They’re not ‘smart’ nor are they green, and there is no justifiable business scenario for them as they're currently designed to work.

Dreadful slaughter

This Is Wiltshire:

9:27am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

As a regular reader of the Swindon Advertiser newspaper, I am amazed at the letters of Peter Smith. The power of his arguments, his knowledge in politics and his fairness to others is invaluable.

Have shirt will travel

This Is Wiltshire:

9:24am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

I have been a proud supporter of Swindon Town FC since 1958. On a recent 2,600 mile, 17 day tour of the American west, I decided to pack my football shirt and a recent copy of the Swindon Advertiser.  It was not until I saw the photo of me at Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park that I realised what the headline was on the front of the paper. I also had a photo taken at the Grand Canyon, above, just to prove us STFC supporters are worldwide. Before I retired I was private hire driver Number 1 in Swindon for 35 years, so a very proud Swindonian. Peter Nippress Hill View Road Coleview Swindon  

School choice costly

This Is Wiltshire:

9:21am Wednesday 22nd October 2014

It was fascinating to read the stories about two organisations sending their papers to London to see about new secondary schools – one based in Walcot, for a school in north Swindon and the other based in Bristol, for an as yet undecided site.

Widening wealth gap

This Is Wiltshire:

9:41am Tuesday 21st October 2014

I welcomed M J Warner’s letter, ‘Nice one, Mr Brown’ (SA October 28) because the entire Coalition public relations strategy has been based on falsehoods about Gordon Brown’s stewardship of the public finances. Take the myth that New Labour “spent too much”. The annualised Government spend throughout the Thatcher years was 41 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product, (GDP). This dropped to 40 per cent for the Major Government but there was a further fall to 39 per cent for the thirteen years of New Labour.

A vital polio reminder

This Is Wiltshire:

9:40am Tuesday 21st October 2014

For many of those living with Polio and Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) in the UK, Wednesday October 22 is a day of hope. Some 120,000 people in this country are still living with the debilitating neurological condition that is PPS and The British Polio Fellowship has chosen this day to shout about it.

Ask tough questions

This Is Wiltshire:

9:39am Tuesday 21st October 2014

In reply to the excellent letter from Des Morgan, I was at the scrutiny meeting and was surprised to see I was the only member of the public there. If people want to see how this town is being run down, they need to attend these meetings and ask questions.

Agenda 21 is sinister

This Is Wiltshire:

9:38am Tuesday 21st October 2014

Ebola and ISIS are not the horrors we have been led to believe they are. They are really what are known in international intelligence and government circles as convenient ‘false flag’ crises.

Good old days in the Works

This Is Wiltshire:

1:23pm Monday 20th October 2014

The receipt of the Notice of Members Annual General Meeting of the National Trust next month, to be held at Steam, the Museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon, gave me food for thought.

You've got it wrong

This Is Wiltshire:

1:22pm Monday 20th October 2014

Oh dear, Steve Nibbs, so wrong, once again I’m afraid.

Bless our lovely union

This Is Wiltshire:

1:21pm Monday 20th October 2014

As we went down to Land’s End this summer we decided to go to John O’ Groats last week.

Hands off green space

This Is Wiltshire:

1:19pm Monday 20th October 2014

I read with interest that ex-councillor Mike Bawden is seeking an ‘active role’ in Swindon’s future after news that his leukaemia is in remission, and has expressed a wish to be involved with what he describes as ‘strategic planning’.

Bring back imperial

This Is Wiltshire:

1:17pm Monday 20th October 2014

I could be persuaded to tolerate UKIP’s nuttier policies, like withdrawing from the EU, and might even turn a blind eye to Nigel Farage’s conspicuous consumption of real ale and cigarettes, which gives regrettable support to the evil alcohol and tobacco industries, if UKIP made it a pre-condition of any coalition that we dump metric measurement in favour of the traditional imperial system and return £sd to our pockets and tills.

Many thanks to all

This Is Wiltshire:

1:13pm Monday 20th October 2014

On behalf of President David Coe and the members of the Rotary Club of Swindon Phoenix, I would like to thank all those people who attended our first Sporting Dinner at the Marriott Hotel on Saturday 11 October.

Is it really up to us?

This Is Wiltshire:

1:11pm Monday 20th October 2014

In reply to Bill Williams (Oct 13), he is correct when he says our Parliament in Britain is dominated by the far-reaching tentacles of the European Union bureaucracy.

More harm than good

This Is Wiltshire:

1:06pm Monday 20th October 2014

HG Smith writes to the Adver suggesting that the solution to problems in the Middle East is to kill everyone who lives there with nuclear bombs. Not for him the namby- pamby ideas of our current rulers.

Nice one, Mr Brown

This Is Wiltshire:

12:40pm Monday 20th October 2014

Gerard Lyons is an economist who has spent nearly 30 years working in the City of London and who is now chief economic adviser to the Mayor of London.

Noah's Ark is a myth

This Is Wiltshire:

12:38pm Monday 20th October 2014

There have been several references to the story of Noah and the Ark recently in this paper.

Manufacturing is key

This Is Wiltshire:

12:36pm Monday 20th October 2014

Tariff barriers are only allowed in world trade in emergency situations.

Don't enter quagmire

This Is Wiltshire:

12:35pm Monday 20th October 2014

Peter Smith is quite correct that the whole business of English votes for English people is a red herring, but I feel it also has something of the school yard about it ( It’s not fair, nah nah ne nah nah).

Group name change

This Is Wiltshire:

10:52am Monday 20th October 2014

After an affiliation with Wiltshire Blind Association lasting over 80 years, the Swindon Branch is changing its name to Swindon Blind Association and will operate independently of the county charitable company, now known as Wiltshire Sight.

Racism is apparent

This Is Wiltshire:

10:13am Monday 20th October 2014

G A Woodward obviously got so hot under the collar about me disagreeing with part of his letter ‘Britain at breaking point’ that he missed that I agreed with the main thrust of the letter, that it was and is Western (UK as well as US) interference in Muslim countries that is destabilising the area.

Jab vital for diabetics

This Is Wiltshire:

9:55am Monday 20th October 2014

As we head further into October Diabetes UK is recommending everyone with diabetes takes up the offer of a free flu jab from their GP as soon as possible.

Ever the optimist

This Is Wiltshire:

9:54am Monday 20th October 2014

One could never call Councillor Garry Perkins anything other than an ‘optimist’ in that he believes in the Blair principle which generally means that 'if he said it - it must be' - the latest incarnation is to be seen in Coun Perkins assertion that “We were over optimistic with the time scales, given the economic situation”.

Council in the wrong

This Is Wiltshire:

9:52am Monday 20th October 2014

Two stories in the Adver of 15 October illustrate perfectly all that is wrong with SBC.

Some farmers are just big hypocrites

This Is Wiltshire:

10:32am Thursday 16th October 2014

Are there no bigger hypocrites than livestock and dairy farmers?

BATS gratitude

This Is Wiltshire:

10:31am Thursday 16th October 2014

Swindon BATS would like to thank all the generous people who donated to our bucket collections at West Swindon Centre on Saturday October 11 and Morrisons Haydon Wick on Sunday October 12 raising a fantastic total of £370, which will help us with our activities for the visually impaired in Swindon.

Do something creative

This Is Wiltshire:

10:30am Thursday 16th October 2014

CREATIVITY is a great quality to possess. Would you believe that you are a creative person? Would you also believe that your private ideas can be useful to others?

No time to loos

This Is Wiltshire:

10:28am Thursday 16th October 2014

Swindon Town centre desperately needs more public conveniences. It is quite wrong for people to have to rely on shops in the town centre. Swindon is growing at a very fast rate so I think the council must improve these facilities in the town.

Fighting meningitis

This Is Wiltshire:

10:27am Thursday 16th October 2014

Everyone at Stroud based Meningitis Now is delighted that the New College, Swindon student who contracted meningitis last month, has returned to studies.

Why not nuke ISIS?

This Is Wiltshire:

10:26am Thursday 16th October 2014

I do not understand the western powers still using conventional weapons against the evil of ISIS. This particular belief of their own God-like power can only be destroyed by the ultimate one of nuclear power.

A voting red herring

This Is Wiltshire:

10:24am Thursday 16th October 2014

What a red herring. People in England, we are told, are outraged that Scottish MPs can vote in Parliament on English affairs. It is entirely possible that the media will be able to excite a proportion of the population at this complete non-issue.

Too many dodge jail

This Is Wiltshire:

10:23am Thursday 16th October 2014

Many times in the Adver the headline infers various perpetrators “face jail”for their misdemeanours. Facts prove that indeed some do, but for far too many cases this statement does not prove correct.

Staff are the victims

This Is Wiltshire:

10:22am Thursday 16th October 2014

Recent press releases from the Great Western Hospital have highlighted serious issues that exist between the Trust and the facilities management company Carillion.

Re-routed bus misery

This Is Wiltshire:

10:09am Wednesday 15th October 2014

I wonder if the people in charge at Thamesdown buses realise the hardship they have imposed on the many elderly residents that live in the Westcott Place area by re-routing the buses along Church Place?

Not so Smart Meters

This Is Wiltshire:

10:08am Wednesday 15th October 2014

Regarding Smart Meter installation, I feel we are being led into something which is not in our best interests and the companies are relying on the population’s ignorance, naivety and even apathy regarding all the facts in order to achieve their agenda. I wonder if government is really aware of all the facts regarding Smart Meters.

The only way is Green

This Is Wiltshire:

10:07am Wednesday 15th October 2014

So David Cameron is going to blame the electorate if he fails to win an overall majority in next year’s election. He keeps boring us with ‘vote UKIP, get a Labour government’.

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