PM puts us at risk

This Is Wiltshire:

9:35am Thursday 26th February 2015

Realising at an early age that the power of politics affects all our lives, I have come to the well thought out conclusion with foresight and afterthought, that putting people in power with no experience of real working family needs and financial struggles, gives me grave concerns.

Post Office victory

This Is Wiltshire:

9:33am Thursday 26th February 2015

I am delighted to hear that the Post Office Ltd has listened to the people of Highworth and plan to put their service in The Co-op close to the town centre.

Tax break fiasco

This Is Wiltshire:

9:32am Thursday 26th February 2015

Once again we see the dishonesty endemic in national politics perpetrated by none other than the Prime Minister, with his claim to ‘recognise marriage in the tax system’.

Nothing concrete

This Is Wiltshire:

9:31am Thursday 26th February 2015

Walking along The Parade on Saturday morning, I chatted to a supporter/member of UKIP who handed me a 2015 UKIP election leaflet.

Judges too lenient

This Is Wiltshire:

9:28am Thursday 26th February 2015

I have no doubt many people who read about the outcome of the atrocious case of the young man so savagely beaten, merely for asking the two thugs to be a bit more polite, were left feeling disgusted with the derisory sentencing.

There's no justice

This Is Wiltshire:

9:27am Thursday 26th February 2015

What is this country coming to? There is no justice for the innocent, those who abide by the law of the land. This is the Queens law... or is it?

All aboard for GWR museum

This Is Wiltshire:

1:16pm Wednesday 25th February 2015

I HAVE sympathy with the bowls clubs who are likely to have their funding cut and I agree that the Steam Museum continues to be subsidised. However, I would like to point out that when the museum was opened it was on the basis of a wildly optimistic projection of future visitor numbers.

Hedgerow lament

This Is Wiltshire:

1:15pm Wednesday 25th February 2015

I was pleased to read a letter from one of your correspondents thanking the team of workers who keep the hedgerows clear and tidy in his area. I just wish the same team would come and sort out the hedgerows in West Swindon.

PFI and petty cash

This Is Wiltshire:

1:14pm Wednesday 25th February 2015

I see Terry Reynolds still writes about PFI schemes as though they were an exclusive feature of the Labour government, (Labour used PFI, of 18 February). In fact they were first introduced by the Conservatives in 1992. Labour carried on the practice and the present Coalition continues to do so.

You're free to go

This Is Wiltshire:

1:12pm Wednesday 25th February 2015

Mr March pulled me up for saying I don’t think we should take any more Syrian refugees. He says it’s only a few.

Getting hysterical

This Is Wiltshire:

11:22am Wednesday 25th February 2015

The discussion on this page has been getting increasingly hysterical of late.

Not wanted here

This Is Wiltshire:

11:21am Wednesday 25th February 2015

In recent days, I have seen on the news as I’m sure many people have, the coverage about the three girls who left this beautiful realm that I for one am proud to call the greatest country in the world and voluntarily travelled to Syria via Turkey with the intention of becoming brides of Islamic state terrorists.

Hard to swallow

This Is Wiltshire:

11:08am Wednesday 25th February 2015

Chris Humphreys’ letter demonstrates that some can swallow any nonsense if it is served up with enough racism.

Ballot box please

This Is Wiltshire:

11:07am Wednesday 25th February 2015

I believe your correspondent Mr Reynolds may have been enjoying the mainstream press’ recent, rather over-excited interpretation of the Green Party’s policies, from his words here about ‘membership of ISIS’ and our alleged views on that.

Fear of liberals

This Is Wiltshire:

11:26am Tuesday 24th February 2015

Well done that man Chris Humphreys, whose letter on February 21 was about what the Prime Minister of France had to say about radical Islamists.

Reason to ask

This Is Wiltshire:

11:24am Tuesday 24th February 2015

Mr Thompson, I asked about the Aussie as I was intrigued to know why you had her as your leader, at a time when Australia has one of the most strict immigration laws in the world, and that clearly goes against your policy, which, in your three replies to my original letter, you still have not explained.

That's no insult

This Is Wiltshire:

11:23am Tuesday 24th February 2015

After reading Mr Bill Williams’s letter of February 20, I was filled with a deep shame and immediate desire to renounce my feminism and burn the pink van in the driveway (which is useless until I am old enough to drive anyway).

Walkies calculated

This Is Wiltshire:

11:22am Tuesday 24th February 2015

As the winter slowly but surely recedes from our island due to our planet’s natural cycle, I have always believed in the exact science of mathematics, although my heart and soul lie in God’s outdoor beauty.

Sussex Square OK

This Is Wiltshire:

11:21am Tuesday 24th February 2015

I had reason to go to Sussex Square and after reading the Adver I was a little worried.

Don't bank on me

This Is Wiltshire:

11:20am Tuesday 24th February 2015

I felt I had to write after receiving a flyer through my door urging me to vote Labour in the next election. The headline virtue they expressed was to ‘balance the books’.

Fight for equality

This Is Wiltshire:

11:19am Tuesday 24th February 2015

The UK is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world.

PM proved wrong

This Is Wiltshire:

11:18am Tuesday 24th February 2015

Over many weeks in 2011 you published a number of letters from me on the subject of the improper support given by Britain to rebels fighting Col Gadaffi’s regime in Libya. I suggested it was wrong to offer military support to rebel factions who might actually be worse than Gadaffi himself.

There is no God

This Is Wiltshire:

11:17am Tuesday 24th February 2015

Three Muslims got killed in America. Another example of how people believing in gods that don’t exist can be barbaric towards each other.

History repeated

This Is Wiltshire:

11:16am Tuesday 24th February 2015

There has been increasing concern and anger regarding the Prime Minister’s seeming indifference to the warring factions within Ukraine, notably from the liberal fraternity – can they really be so naive?

University of life

This Is Wiltshire:

11:15am Tuesday 24th February 2015

Yet again, the shocking plight of the elderly (in hundreds of thousands) has been highlighted front page in the Daily Mail of February 16, referring in detail to the five minute totally inadequate care visits that cause great distress and rejection, which is appalling and unacceptable in a civilised society.

Very proud to win the fight

This Is Wiltshire:

11:09am Monday 23rd February 2015

I am delighted that our campaign to save Highworth Post Office looks to have succeeded. Our petition led by Pam Adams and myself, and supported by 600 residents, means that a Post Office will remain in the town centre. As a result of our campaign the Post Office are now proposing that the Post Office will operate from Highworth Co-op.

Buy Greece's goods

This Is Wiltshire:

11:08am Monday 23rd February 2015

The EU is taking the wrong approach to solving the economic crisis in Greece.

Sort out the car park

This Is Wiltshire:

11:07am Monday 23rd February 2015

Will somebody from the council do something about the lifts in the Brunel west car park?

Ban is crippling pubs

This Is Wiltshire:

11:05am Monday 23rd February 2015

The smoking ban marches on its destructive way with the closure of the Crumpled Horn pub at the Eldene Centre.

Churchill rescued UK

This Is Wiltshire:

11:04am Monday 23rd February 2015

Among recent letters, there have been three castigating Winston Churchill.

Condolences to family

This Is Wiltshire:

11:03am Monday 23rd February 2015

As both an avid Swindon Advertiser reader and keen follower of the local sports scene, I would like to firstly pass on my condolences and respects to the family and friends of Rhiannon Brown following her tragic passing away last month.

Bowled over by cuts

This Is Wiltshire:

11:01am Monday 23rd February 2015

As the council seeks to balance its books following yet further cuts in Central Government grants it raises charges for services it provides, and the latest victims are the five bowls club in Swindon. I hold no brief for the clubs and feel they should pay a market rent for the facilities provided – after all if bowls is their chosen past time, they should pay for the privilege and not expect to be subsidised.

A surprise at the till

This Is Wiltshire:

10:57am Monday 23rd February 2015

Am I the only one sick of the tricks used by supermarkets?

Regent Circus car park

This Is Wiltshire:

10:56am Monday 23rd February 2015

WE carry stories in today’s Advertiser that are alarming, but sad to say not surprising.

Praise for stance

This Is Wiltshire:

10:54am Monday 23rd February 2015

At last, a prime minister with guts! Muslims who want to live under the law of the Islamic Sharia have recently been told to leave France in order to guard against possible terrorist attacks. The government has targeted radicals.

Praise for stance

This Is Wiltshire:

10:53am Monday 23rd February 2015

At last, a prime minister with guts! Muslims who want to live under the law of the Islamic Sharia have recently been told to leave France in order to guard against possible terrorist attacks. The government has targeted radicals.

Words questioned

This Is Wiltshire:

10:51am Monday 23rd February 2015

In his letter of 16 February, Terry Reynolds writes that in a previous letter he made a brief mention of Green Party leader Natalie Bennett's Australian accent. Why?

Not open-minded

This Is Wiltshire:

10:48am Monday 23rd February 2015

To continue the words game in the letters page, can I first reply to Mr Bahjad? Can you explain about the 1,700 people who have died in Palestine? Are they being killed by the same people who are firing daily rockets at Israel? You tell Mr Nibbs to read the Quran with an open mind, do you think those Muslims who burnt the Jordanian pilot alive were reading the book with an open mind at the time of his death?

Bridge solution

This Is Wiltshire:

10:47am Monday 23rd February 2015

Another lorry hits a bridge in Swindon. After all these years it’s still a problem. We have 30mph warning signs everywhere that sense a vehicle coming and flash to tell them to slow down.

Who started it?

This Is Wiltshire:

10:46am Monday 23rd February 2015

I have been sickened to the back teeth recently by the hypocritical ‘Russo phobic’ preposterous nonsense from the Tory Coalition, who it is clear to see is constantly having its chain yanked by NATO, the world predator organisation led by the US.

Skewed priorities

This Is Wiltshire:

10:46am Monday 23rd February 2015

RJ Taylor is absolutely correct to raise concerns about the proposal to spend money on high speed broadband at the current time. There are two questionable aspects to this proposal. Firstly SBC, who have been whingeing long and loud in recent months that times are hard and there is no money.

Memory of our heroes should shame thugs

This Is Wiltshire:

10:40am Monday 23rd February 2015

I have just finished reading your article on the local people who were awarded the Victoria Cross and what they did to be awarded such an honour.

Fears for future

This Is Wiltshire:

10:39am Monday 23rd February 2015

As I sit here awake at 5am, my thoughts rest with the global threat from this IS organisation. What new horror will face me later when I turn my TV on? Of course I know well this is the desired effect these terrorists aim for and on this front these lunatics appear to be winning the conversation at the bus stop, in the post office, at bingo between games, in the doctors’ waiting room.

No apology given

This Is Wiltshire:

10:38am Monday 23rd February 2015

I refer to ‘All due respect’ of February 13 from D Simpson. He states: ‘I read Steve Nibbs’ letter of February 2, as directed to by Axmed Bahjad’. Curious.

Don't knock UKIP

This Is Wiltshire:

10:37am Monday 23rd February 2015

This is with reference to Mr Kevin Small’s letter of February 13 regarding Mr Steve Halden’s reference to PFI’s and the Great Western Hospital. Mr Halden is correct in his previous letter regarding PFIs. I do recall that you Mr Small, were involved with PFIs at Swindon Borough Council and you and I well know that PFI’s are a waste of public money and are very onerous to manage by the local authorities and NHS trusts.

Such nasty drivel

This Is Wiltshire:

10:36am Monday 23rd February 2015

In reply to the letter from Miss Ella March, Adver 17 February, may I inform her that her parents are very fortunate to share the chores. I envy them and wish them well.

Taxing times

This Is Wiltshire:

10:35am Monday 23rd February 2015

As a regular reader of your paper it sometimes makes me think that the only people paying tax in this country are the unfortunate lower paid on P.A.Y.E., the higher paid and the wealthy, apart from being able to claim liberal expenses for just about anything, have now got friends in HSBC to assist them in evading tax, on what is called an industrial scale, on the remainder of their income, untroubled by HMRC who seem to be impotent when dealing with the wealthy. Little wonder they are called pathetic by Margaret Hodge MP but let them loose on an individual such as my wife and they can spend months showing how tough they are.

Locarno lament

This Is Wiltshire:

10:34am Monday 23rd February 2015

I’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting for something to happen in Swindon. A bit like Samuel Beckett’s character in Waiting for Godot... we are sitting down under a tree by ye olde Locarno for about a year now. Or is it two or ten years? We are not quite sure as we have lost count as time passes so slowly in Swindon. In fact, I could have walked around the world twice; it takes so long for something to happen here.

Tickled pink

This Is Wiltshire:

9:40am Thursday 19th February 2015

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Harriet Harperson and her pink bus. You couldn’t make it up.

Dodging tax issue

This Is Wiltshire:

9:38am Thursday 19th February 2015

Howard March’s letter of February 7 thinks Britain should get involved in the complicated process of the reformation of the Islamic religion. Islam is reforming itself and this is leading to conflict between Muslims who have differing interpretations of the Quran.


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