My birth-mum hunt letdown

This Is Wiltshire:

1:06pm Thursday 29th January 2015

I AM so happy that Mrs Spaulding has found her daughter after all these years. I was adopted at the age of four in 1947, into a loving family. All of them took me into their hearts as if I had been their own.

Home rules unfair

This Is Wiltshire:

1:05pm Thursday 29th January 2015

I was very upset and sad when I watched the news about an elderly and infirm lady who was being moved from the care home that she was living in because the fees were raised and the council could not, or would not pay the extra cost.

We need a Winnie

This Is Wiltshire:

1:03pm Thursday 29th January 2015

It is now 50 years since the death of Sir Winston Churchill. A poll in 2002 named him the greatest Briton of all time, and he was also the first person to be an honorary citizen in the USA.

Unseemly respect

This Is Wiltshire:

1:02pm Thursday 29th January 2015

I was absolutely appalled by the sycophantic outpourings by the UK establishment concerning the death of King Ubdullah of Saudi Arabia, considering the appalling human rights record of this tyrannical leader of a despotic regime, where beheadings, body mutilations, and floggings are all common place under its Sharia law.

Free speech catch

This Is Wiltshire:

1:01pm Thursday 29th January 2015

RE: Steve Nibbs’ letter on Monday.

UKIP’s bogus MEP

This Is Wiltshire:

12:59pm Thursday 29th January 2015

Any regular reader of these letter pages knows of my opposition to UKIP and my exposure of their misinformation, and their personal attacks on me in retaliation.

MPs’ ‘Jewish’ stunt

This Is Wiltshire:

12:58pm Thursday 29th January 2015

Theresa May and Eric Pickles demonstrate the depths politicians will plumb to ingratiate themselves with a community under attack when they hold banners aloft claiming “I am Jewish” when in fact they are not Jewish.

Help me stop rot

This Is Wiltshire:

12:56pm Thursday 29th January 2015

THE shocking news that Swindon has lost 7,100 jobs and is in the 10 worst-performing UK locations for jobs growth shows without doubt that we need real change to rebuild Swindon’s economy and restore our position as an economic powerhouse.

They worked hard

This Is Wiltshire:

10:08am Wednesday 28th January 2015

RE: ‘Rural life clouded by solar farm’ (Adver, January 10), I should like to record the work of our two Highworth and Blunsdon councillors, Alan Biship and Maureen Penny, who worked hard with Inglesham residents in opposing the proposed solar farm and who, along with local residents, voiced their objections during the planning committee meeting on December 9.

Figure double-talk

This Is Wiltshire:

10:07am Wednesday 28th January 2015

Justin Tomlinson MP claims “positive economic news” demonstrated by “a staggering fall of 62.9 per cent” in unemployment.

Uni plays a role

This Is Wiltshire:

10:06am Wednesday 28th January 2015

N ARTICLE in last week’s Swindon Advertiser on numbers attending university (only eight per cent from town go on to top 30 universities, January 21) emphasised for me how important it is for Swindon residents to be able to benefit from individual and societal benefits of higher education.

Ukip is anti-NHS

This Is Wiltshire:

10:04am Wednesday 28th January 2015

There has been at least one letter in the Swindon Advertiser recently blaming immigration for the problems in the NHS and suggesting UKIP’s policy of restricted immigration will save the essential service we all rely on.

Migrants friends

This Is Wiltshire:

10:02am Wednesday 28th January 2015

NOW that the General Election is only months away I find it rather interesting how many people have written to the Advertiser putting immigration at the top of the agenda.

Greens are loonies

This Is Wiltshire:

10:01am Wednesday 28th January 2015

 Before everyone who has read Mr Tony Hillier’s letter (January 26) rushes off to join the Green Party – just be aware of what you are letting yourselves in for.

Dubious claims

This Is Wiltshire:

9:59am Wednesday 28th January 2015

I assume the letter from Tony Hillier, was sent in before the disaster of an interview between Andrew Marr and the leader of the Green party, the lady with the Aussie accent.

Face NHS problems

This Is Wiltshire:

9:58am Wednesday 28th January 2015

C J Meek (Letters, January 22) asks why I waited until I had retired from the NHS before publishing my letter (January 12) about the current crisis it faces. He (or she) also asks if I was afraid of being “vilified as a whistle-blower and suffering the same fate as others…”

What’s not to love at store?

This Is Wiltshire:

11:30am Tuesday 27th January 2015

THOUGHT I’d drop you and your readers a note to encourage everyone in the local area to visit South West BHF Furniture & Electrical stores and take a peek at some of the amazing bits and pieces they have.

Report is overdue

This Is Wiltshire:

11:28am Tuesday 27th January 2015

It is six years ago since the ‘Chilcot enquiry’ into the circumstances surrounding the March 2003 invasion of Iraq was started, and now shamefully over three years since its completion, and despite frequent questions being asked by cross party MP’s in the House of Commons as to how the inordinate delay can be justified it looks no nearer to being released.

Time for a review

This Is Wiltshire:

11:26am Tuesday 27th January 2015

It comes as quite a surprise to read that the Chief Defence Staff has announced a review of senior officers above the rank of Colonel.

NHS concerns

This Is Wiltshire:

11:25am Tuesday 27th January 2015

The numbers of people flooding into Accident and Emergency across Britain are bringing the NHS close to the point of collapse.

Worrying narrative

This Is Wiltshire:

11:24am Tuesday 27th January 2015

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Ian Hunt’s letter in Saturday’s Adver gives some measure of this.

Retail eye-opener

This Is Wiltshire:

11:23am Tuesday 27th January 2015

A few days ago I had the pleasure of going shopping with my wife (dragged along) to the Outlet village in the old railway works in Swindon.

Why the p3 fuss?

This Is Wiltshire:

11:20am Tuesday 27th January 2015

I have been amused but not surprised by the huge interest in retiring Page 3 girls from The Sun newspaper.

Help fight meningitis

This Is Wiltshire:

5:22pm Friday 23rd January 2015

I was deeply saddened to read in your recent article that six-year-old motorcycle enthusiast Miles, of Highworth, died of suspected meningitis last month.

Double standards

This Is Wiltshire:

5:21pm Friday 23rd January 2015

e ‘Charlie’s hyprocrisy’ (Axmed Bahjad, SA, January 21). He states: “In France students are not allowed to learn the history of its vicious actions in Africa and the Far East.”

The price of freedom

This Is Wiltshire:

5:20pm Friday 23rd January 2015

The holocaust is rightly remembered (SA, Jan 21) for the murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime – who referred to it using the euphemism “the final solution to the Jewish problem”.

Join us for breakfast

This Is Wiltshire:

5:19pm Friday 23rd January 2015

Are you planning an event for Breakfast Week from January 25 to 31, as featured in last Friday’s Menu section of the Advertiser?

Hitting nail on head

This Is Wiltshire:

5:18pm Friday 23rd January 2015

Roger Lack hit the nail firmly on the head in his letter of Wednesday, January 14 - Who’s Using A&E?

It’s really not clever

This Is Wiltshire:

5:17pm Friday 23rd January 2015

No doubt the person who took a lid from one of my recycling boxes is thinking how smart they are.

No access UK

This Is Wiltshire:

4:45pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

How accessible is the UK really?

Green revolution

This Is Wiltshire:

4:44pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

I have made my decision. There are two parties whose values strike a chord with me: Red and Green. It has not been an easy decision with my previous ‘red’ election activities and friendships.

We can close door

This Is Wiltshire:

4:43pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

Kevin Small (January 20) tried to persuade us all who want controlled immigration are little a bit weird.

Thanks for the aid

This Is Wiltshire:

4:42pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

On January 6 this year I had occasion to call the ambulance service to deal with a breathing problem.

Whistling too late

This Is Wiltshire:

4:41pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

I read retired surgeon Malcolm Morrison’s letter (Adver, January 12, Surgery Is Needed) with interest and I am sure all the points he raised were salient and real.

A load of rubbish

This Is Wiltshire:

4:40pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

clear the rubbish at the Averies site, now why does that not surprise me? (Adver, January 19) It is an easy way of getting away without paying, to go into administration. I was told by someone at the Adver officer that the Council own the land at Cheney Manor site, but do not own the Marshgate site, so why is the council going to have to pay for the clearing up of the Marshgate site?

Nothing for victims

This Is Wiltshire:

4:39pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

I am sure that readers of the Swindon Advertiser letters page would have noticed that myself and T Reynolds have crossed swords on more than one occasion, but I agreed with his every word on January 13.

Austerity failed

This Is Wiltshire:

4:38pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

Chancellor George Osborne’s long-term plan has collapsed and his austerity policy has brought us more debt than he inherited in 2010. In fact National Debt has doubled from £700bn to £1.4 trillion.

Some resolutions

This Is Wiltshire:

4:37pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

Like most citizens of this land of ours, many people are making New Year resolutions. I would just like to add my own for the Government to think about, whoever it is in power.

Town censorship

This Is Wiltshire:

4:36pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

The chairman and manager of Swindon Town Football Club are always complaining that people do not go and watch the team play.

What a dump!

This Is Wiltshire:

5:51pm Wednesday 21st January 2015

I Thought I would drop you a line to have a moan about the amount of rubbish and litter discarded around our estate.

Bring on bullies

This Is Wiltshire:

5:51pm Wednesday 21st January 2015

I am expecting a few letters next week in these pages from the left wing brigade who attempt to bully anyone who states facts that do not suit their dogma.

Start claiming

This Is Wiltshire:

5:49pm Wednesday 21st January 2015

At the risk of getting even more history lessons from those in the know, a report out today says that MPs have now recognised polygamy by Muslim men, who under their religion are allowed four or more wives.

Charlie’s hypocrisy

This Is Wiltshire:

5:48pm Wednesday 21st January 2015

Most news and commentary on the Charlie Hebdo massacre have portrayed it as an attack on free speech.

Thamesdown Drive Extension meeting

This Is Wiltshire:

5:46pm Wednesday 21st January 2015

REFER to the meeting of the Thamesdown Drive Extension Group (TDeX) on January 13, which was organised to provide council representatives with a grass root opinion after concerns were expressed by a large number of residents about the latest report querying the feasibility of the road extension, particularly when a report early in 2014 by the same consultant made a case for building the road.

Immigration price

This Is Wiltshire:

5:38pm Wednesday 21st January 2015

The pictures in Saturday’s national newspapers of homosexual men in Iraq being thrown blindfolded off tall buildings to die were horrific.

NHS butchered

This Is Wiltshire:

5:37pm Wednesday 21st January 2015

Frank Avenell wrongly thinks he is due an apology. He has written letters, he reminds us, blaming immigrants for burdening the health service.

Fix failed crossing

This Is Wiltshire:

5:35pm Wednesday 21st January 2015

Readers may recall how the administration has been trying to give the impression that the Regent Circus crossings are much safer than residents’ experiences indicate.

Parking dangers

This Is Wiltshire:

12:59pm Tuesday 20th January 2015

Cars that are parked irresponsibly on pavements can cause a potentially dangerous obstruction for pedestrians as it can force them onto the road and into the path of vehicles.

Greens growing

This Is Wiltshire:

12:57pm Tuesday 20th January 2015

I am sorry to disappoint the fervent extreme right-wing supporters of UKIP who think their party is becoming the most popular, but the Green Party has now overtaken them in national membership figures. The Guardian (a Labour/Liberal paper) reports (16 January) that Greens have 44,713 members in the UK, Lib Dems 44,576 and UKIP 41,943.

Look to future

This Is Wiltshire:

12:56pm Tuesday 20th January 2015

I would like to respond to the letter from Frank Avenell about restoring pride in our country (15/1/15).


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