I fear for future

This Is Wiltshire:

9:55am Thursday 5th March 2015

At last the vile cowardly psychopathic maniac has been exposed, by the Americans apparently.

Agree on homes

This Is Wiltshire:

9:54am Thursday 5th March 2015

There is a desperate shortage of houses to rent and buy in Britain today. House prices keep rising.

Calculated walks

This Is Wiltshire:

9:53am Thursday 5th March 2015

Reading the Adver recently I took note of the letter from Bill Williams, who mentioned that the daily walking of his little dog and the years passed, meant that by his ‘love of mathematics’ he calculated he and his little dog have walked the equivalent of a walk to Australia. Impressive!

Call Dave and Ed

This Is Wiltshire:

9:52am Thursday 5th March 2015

I am amazed at the energy levels of PM David Cameron. In the past fortnight, as well as being our PM, I have seen him on TV working as a brickie, then he was laying pipes on the side of a road.

Visit, don't pray

This Is Wiltshire:

9:51am Thursday 5th March 2015

I read your news item about the 24-hour prayer marathon and think that the time spent would be better used visiting the elderly.

Poverty still here

This Is Wiltshire:

9:49am Thursday 5th March 2015

FOR July 7, 2006 my diary has an article on the Poverty Campaign. For all the progress made by Labour since it was elected – and it was impressive – the challenge of creating a fairer society remains daunting.

Angry over stamps

This Is Wiltshire:

9:48am Thursday 5th March 2015

I am gobsmacked that as a GP surgery I am being given the third degree when I try to buy first and second class stamps from the head office on tel 08457 640640.

We're all for Ella

This Is Wiltshire:

9:46am Thursday 5th March 2015

We have both read the exchange of letters between Ella March and Bill Williams and give our support to Ella.

Yobs rule not OK

This Is Wiltshire:

9:44am Thursday 5th March 2015

May I address an open letter to Mr David Renard, leader of Swindon Borough Council? The subject: Bloomsbury children’s park.

Thanks for 90th wishes

This Is Wiltshire:

2:00pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

I write to express my heartfelt thanks to my very dear friends, whose kindness, generosity and beautiful flowers brought tremendous joy into my life as I celebrated my 90th birthday.

Nurses need raise

This Is Wiltshire:

1:59pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

I was briefly in hospital recently and a pleasant nurse asked: “Have you any allergies?” I replied: “I’m allergic to the Tory-led coalition”. She quipped, “Tell me about it”.

Jobs view, MPs?

This Is Wiltshire:

1:57pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

I expect most of your readers, like me, expect their MPs to work solely as our representative and not moonlight at other jobs. I further expect most of your readers feel that an MP’s salary is vastly more than they themselves earn and, with expenses, they have ample recompense.

Help us, champ

This Is Wiltshire:

1:56pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Justin Tomlinson, local champion? Ask the residents of Gipsy Lane if this is true. In his leaflet he states his priorities are residents and pensioners. We beg to differ as 36 households continue to suffer at the hands of HGVs and speeding traffic along our road, which I’m sure he is aware of.

Out, warmongers

This Is Wiltshire:

1:55pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Cameron casually informs the British public that he has authorised the involvement of UK armed forces in the Ukraine conflict.

Dogs grateful

This Is Wiltshire:

1:55pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Swindon Guide Dogs for the Blind would like to thank everyone who generously donated to our collection at The West Swindon Shopping Centre on Saturday, February 28.

Plea to Morrisons

This Is Wiltshire:

1:54pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Come on Morrisons, get your act together. When it opened over Eldene I abandoned all the others because I love the big, clean, well-stocked and friendly shop.

Gone to the dogs

This Is Wiltshire:

1:53pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

There have been a number of letters recently in the SA regarding irresponsible dog owners who allow their pets to annoy other people and who do not clear up any mess left by their dogs.

Muslims to blame

This Is Wiltshire:

1:48pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

I cannot believe the sheer cheek of Axmed Bahjad complaining of double standards in media reports of acts of violence around the world, saying Muslims get bad press and the three young Muslims murdered in the USA got very little coverage.

Read the Quran

This Is Wiltshire:

1:47pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

I write in response to Mr Nibbs’s letter, “Islam is not for me”, of February 19. As I initially predicted, he made two errors. First, I did not say Islam was for him. I advised him to study the Holy Quran and then he should use his own mind to reflect what he’s read critically and analytically.

Putin seeks peace

This Is Wiltshire:

1:46pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

The letter from Mr G Humphreys of February 24, ‘History repeated’, is rather a curate’s egg, with some very good observations concerning the ongoing civil war in Ukraine and the current fragile ceasefire.

Red tape nonsense

This Is Wiltshire:

1:45pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

I know that bureaucracy is a necessary part of local government processes but sometimes it really is the ‘stuff of nonsense’, and I suggest the shilly shallying which has led to the delays in building the West Swindon skate park (Adver, March 2) reflects badly on all parties, who have simply shuffled their feet concerning this matter.

Duty to clean up own mess

This Is Wiltshire:

1:43pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

In Britain today we should be trying to build a society where people take more responsibility for their actions.

Law not to blame

This Is Wiltshire:

1:42pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Supporters of the controversial Medical Innovation Bill claim that we don’t yet have a cure for cancer because doctors are afraid to use innovative treatments and practices for fear of being sued. They claim that relaxing the law to allow doctors effectively to do whatever they like to a patient will resolve this. This claim is not only false, but plays on public emotion. The current law is clear and does not restrict doctors or innovation with regard to cancer or other forms of disease.

Change is overdue

This Is Wiltshire:

1:41pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

London Fashion Week (LFW) drew to a close on Tuesday following a week of catwalk fashionistas displaying the latest designs that will inevitably hit the high street in one form or another in the near future. However, for the approximately 10.8million people living with disabilities in Britain, the catwalk was once again hard to relate to.

The rich get richer

This Is Wiltshire:

1:40pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Ian Hunt’s latest letter carries the same educational value as his others. This time he cheers on Chris Humphries (for falling for an internet hoax). The reason says Mr Hunt, is our politicians can’t support the racist comments of the French Prime minister (who isn’t actually the French Prime Minister and didn’t make the speech claimed) is that they are all afraid of our liberal media (which isn’t actually liberal).

Not being heard

This Is Wiltshire:

1:39pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

I have come to the conclusion that if the average working, law abiding Christian in this isle of ours voices his or her opinion to the powers that be, what they really want to change, is like being in the middle of the Sahara desert and shouting at the top of your voice “Can you hear my voice?”.

Older drivers aided

This Is Wiltshire:

1:39pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

As is apparent due to media coverage, older drivers, generally over 70, are being subjected to scrutiny as to whether they should be retested, advised to stop driving, not mentally capable etc, which is leading to varying opinions from the general public.

Must be Superman

This Is Wiltshire:

1:38pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

It is that time of year when election leaflets come through the door and you consider who to vote for.

Thanks, Des

This Is Wiltshire:

1:34pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

I would like to thank Des Morgan for the clarity he has brought to the Wifi debate.

Foxy Coun Renard

This Is Wiltshire:

1:33pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Councillor Renard, leader of the council, is nothing if not bold in his assertions, especially when attempting to suggest he is making tough decisions on behalf of Swindon residents, and his latest column (Adver, February 26) demonstrates a truth practised by leaders of all political persuasions, which is that if repeated often enough the words become the truth.

In fact, there is

This Is Wiltshire:

1:32pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Re-Roger Lack’s tantrum of February 24, ‘There is no god’.

Harvester vs God

This Is Wiltshire:

1:31pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Having read Roger Lack’s letter I would like to add a little of my own interpretation to the mix.

NATO, a tool of US

This Is Wiltshire:

1:31pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

If we are not very careful we will find ourselves sleepwalking into a third world war as Russia views the US-inspired events on its borders in Ukraine as a very serious threat to its sovereignty, as the US-led NATO, which is now the greatest force for evil the world has seen since the Third Reich, which clearly means if any country on the planet fails to toe the American line then it is likely to be threatened with subversion, aggression and quite possibly regime change.

All war is wrong

This Is Wiltshire:

1:29pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

I thank Mr D Simpson for his clever letter of February 13 in the SA headlined All due respect. To answer your questions – I have not only read most of the faith books but I also studied some of these holy books and took notes.

Bogus Tory claims

This Is Wiltshire:

1:29pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

You know that an election is looming when the Conservative Party once again in its leaflets claims the exclusive credit for saving Wroughton’s green fields.

Not on her agenda

This Is Wiltshire:

1:25pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

In my final reply to Ella March’s letter of 24 February, age being no excuse for unfounded insults and ladylike respect for the elderly obviously not on her agenda either.

I didn't send letter

This Is Wiltshire:

1:21pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Steve Halden refers to a letter I wrote to the Advertiser on 7 February regarding reform of ‘the Islamic religion’. My copy of that issue has now gone for recycling so I can no longer check who sent the letter, but I can assure Mr Halden that it was not me. As it happens, I try not to make a practice of writing about subjects that are none of my business.

Stirring rhetoric

This Is Wiltshire:

1:20pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

GA Woodward is correct in his analysis of the crisis in Ukraine (February 21).

Princely 'present'

This Is Wiltshire:

1:19pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

What does one give as a birthday present to a man who has been spoiled and coddled in ermine all his life, and never, like the rest of his family, queued up for anything?

Elect our judiciary

This Is Wiltshire:

1:18pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Recent decisions in the sentencing of violent offenders by the local judiciary suggest that rather than elect a PCC who appears mostly invisible, a more satisfactory approach to reassure voters that the justice system works in their interest, might be to elect the judiciary instead.

Turning blind eye?

This Is Wiltshire:

1:17pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

Your report ‘Confusion making road crossing safer’, only serves to confirm my long held belief that this council has no interest in the views or welfare of the 500 or more blind people who live in the borough.

Concerns over splitting Holy Cross Primary School

This Is Wiltshire:

1:16pm Wednesday 4th March 2015

WE strongly urge the Clifton Diocese to listen very carefully to concerns about the splitting of Holy Cross Primary School over two sites.

PM puts us at risk

This Is Wiltshire:

9:35am Thursday 26th February 2015

Realising at an early age that the power of politics affects all our lives, I have come to the well thought out conclusion with foresight and afterthought, that putting people in power with no experience of real working family needs and financial struggles, gives me grave concerns.

Post Office victory

This Is Wiltshire:

9:33am Thursday 26th February 2015

I am delighted to hear that the Post Office Ltd has listened to the people of Highworth and plan to put their service in The Co-op close to the town centre.

Tax break fiasco

This Is Wiltshire:

9:32am Thursday 26th February 2015

Once again we see the dishonesty endemic in national politics perpetrated by none other than the Prime Minister, with his claim to ‘recognise marriage in the tax system’.

Nothing concrete

This Is Wiltshire:

9:31am Thursday 26th February 2015

Walking along The Parade on Saturday morning, I chatted to a supporter/member of UKIP who handed me a 2015 UKIP election leaflet.

Judges too lenient

This Is Wiltshire:

9:28am Thursday 26th February 2015

I have no doubt many people who read about the outcome of the atrocious case of the young man so savagely beaten, merely for asking the two thugs to be a bit more polite, were left feeling disgusted with the derisory sentencing.

There's no justice

This Is Wiltshire:

9:27am Thursday 26th February 2015

What is this country coming to? There is no justice for the innocent, those who abide by the law of the land. This is the Queens law... or is it?

All aboard for GWR museum

This Is Wiltshire:

1:16pm Wednesday 25th February 2015

I HAVE sympathy with the bowls clubs who are likely to have their funding cut and I agree that the Steam Museum continues to be subsidised. However, I would like to point out that when the museum was opened it was on the basis of a wildly optimistic projection of future visitor numbers.

Hedgerow lament

This Is Wiltshire:

1:15pm Wednesday 25th February 2015

I was pleased to read a letter from one of your correspondents thanking the team of workers who keep the hedgerows clear and tidy in his area. I just wish the same team would come and sort out the hedgerows in West Swindon.


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