Death by cars is the enemy

This Is Wiltshire:

10:03am Thursday 20th November 2014

It is all very well to call upon motorists to observe speed limits on Swindon roads (Swindon Advertiser, November 17).

They're are all the same

This Is Wiltshire:

10:02am Thursday 20th November 2014

It was interesting to read of the support our local MPs offered for a day off in order to vote.

Some straight talking

This Is Wiltshire:

10:01am Thursday 20th November 2014

I challenged Bill Williams to deny UKIP’s anti-working people policies, and like most ‘kippers’ he can’t give a straight answer.

We told you so

This Is Wiltshire:

10:00am Thursday 20th November 2014

I cannot recall such a dumb bunch of politicians during my lifetime as the present parliament. David Blunkett and now John Major have recently informed the electorate that uncontrolled immigration to the UK has been a disaster.

Writer not a full quid

This Is Wiltshire:

9:47am Thursday 20th November 2014

n recent days there have been a few people writing in to complain about the letters page and its contents. All I can say is it is a democratic country, have your say, and do your thing to improve the general and local situation.

The UKIP truth will out

This Is Wiltshire:

9:45am Thursday 20th November 2014

I will be honest, I have read some misguided efforts at hypocritical nonsense and deceit in my time, but the latest from Steve Thompson, (Adver, November 13) surpasses them all.

Librarians insulted

This Is Wiltshire:

9:43am Thursday 20th November 2014

Re: ‘Volunteers insulted’ of November 15, from Debbie Estarbrook: I seem to have touched a raw nerve.

Put traffic lights back

This Is Wiltshire:

9:40am Thursday 20th November 2014

So now it’s official – ‘It’s safe’, of November 14. The controversial crossing outside the new Regent Circus development is safe, apart from a few minor improvements Councillor Dale Heenan gave his usual platitudes about the need to listen to residents’ concerns but would not admit that what is really needed is the restoration of the pedestrian-controlled traffic lights. The cost of this work would be borne by the developers, so why pay consultants for more audits and surveys?

Caveat emptor

This Is Wiltshire:

9:27am Thursday 20th November 2014

Readers should be aware if buying or selling a property of the awful ‘game’ played by unscrupulous people called gazundering.

Police put fans in danger

This Is Wiltshire:

11:04am Wednesday 19th November 2014

In your article about the policing of the local derby clash between Swindon and Bristol you say ‘more officers appeared to counter the rapid influx of Town fans, the welcoming committee’.

The cat's whiskers

This Is Wiltshire:

11:03am Wednesday 19th November 2014

Can I, through your pages, say a big thank you to all the people who supported the Cat’s Protection bazaar in Highworth. A grand total of £473 was raised. This money will go towards helping cats and kittens in the Swindon area. Once again a huge thank you to you all.

Thanks for giving

This Is Wiltshire:

11:02am Wednesday 19th November 2014

The Highworth and District Branch of the RNLI would like to thank all who supported us at our coffee morning in St Michael and All Angels Church Hall on Saturday 14 November. We raised a total of £67.30. Our grateful thanks to St Michael and All Angels Church for allowing us to use their premises for this worthy cause.

The tail wags the dog

This Is Wiltshire:

11:01am Wednesday 19th November 2014

I always enjoy reading the letters from regular contributor Axmed Bahjad, as it would seem he has such a wealth of worldly knowledge and is someone who always writes something worthwhile reading.

Wish you were there

This Is Wiltshire:

10:56am Wednesday 19th November 2014

For a number of years a large proportion of the country has held the belief that jails in the UK are a holiday camp.

What we stand for

This Is Wiltshire:

10:55am Wednesday 19th November 2014

Steve Thompson continues to write numerous letters to the Swindon Advertiser setting out what he claims to be the policies of UKIP. This is a strange situation, given Mr Thompson’s position in Swindon’s Green Party. Whilst he is happy to misrepresent the policies of others, when asked for his own policies to address the issues in this town, the silence is deafening. Swindon residents expect their representatives to listen and then act on the real issues that are affecting us on a daily basis.

Closed for business

This Is Wiltshire:

10:53am Wednesday 19th November 2014

There is (as I write this letter) a picture on social media doing the rounds of an aerial view of Swindon showing the mayhem and huge traffic jams on our main arterial road, caused by roadworks taking place simultaneously around the town. The picture is accompanied by a caption which reads ‘Swindon closed’.

Roadworks for the best

This Is Wiltshire:

10:52am Wednesday 19th November 2014

Following some of the letters that have appeared in the Swindon Advertiser recently regarding the roadworks, I feel compelled to join in.

Totally bogged down

This Is Wiltshire:

10:51am Wednesday 19th November 2014

How pleased I was to hear Councillor Andrew Bennett inform the planning committee councillors at their last meeting on November 11 that, despite his passionate protestations in favour of a planning application for four large houses in a flood risk area of Wanborough, he was not a representative of the agent whose application he was so adamantly supporting. What a pity, I thought, that Coun Andrew Bennett, my ward councillor and that of all those residents who had objected to the proposed development, hadn’t taken the time to seek the views of those who most probably elected him.

Proms flag waver

This Is Wiltshire:

12:49pm Tuesday 18th November 2014

On Saturday we went to the Wyvern Theatre to The Last Night Of The Proms. What a brilliant evening’s entertainment.

Look for the bunny

This Is Wiltshire:

12:48pm Tuesday 18th November 2014

Whether your readers decide to shop online, or in-store, this festive season we ask them to remember to look out for the Leaping Bunny logo and give someone not only a beautiful gift, but one that ensures that no animals will have been harmed for cosmetics testing.

Swindon cut in two

This Is Wiltshire:

12:47pm Tuesday 18th November 2014

Swindon is being cut in two. Swindon must learn to live as two separate regions until these totally unnecessary road works are completed.

Grinch steals road

This Is Wiltshire:

12:46pm Tuesday 18th November 2014

I am writing to express my dismay at the number of roadworks in Swindon. You can't fail to notice the traffic jams and it’s going to get much worse with the closure of the bridge at Greenbridge. The daily commute is a headache and it must be affecting trade in the build up to Christmas. It’s the Grinch that stole Christmas.

Town centre strangled

This Is Wiltshire:

12:45pm Tuesday 18th November 2014

It's sad to witness the centre of Swindon being slowly strangled by planners, supported by developers who want to buy up brownfield sites and build somewhat strange buildings to be rented out by pension companies who are looking for an income.

Project is out of this world

This Is Wiltshire:

10:47am Monday 17th November 2014

WHAT a magnificent achievement the Comet 67P landing was, and what an honour to learn that Swindon’s UK Space Agency did its bit.

Collectors wanted

This Is Wiltshire:

10:45am Monday 17th November 2014

THIS Christmas 850,000 people will be living with dementia. My mother died with the condition, so I know from personal experience the devastating impact dementia has on everyone touched by it – and how important it is to know that support is out there when you need it.

Shame on BBC

This Is Wiltshire:

10:44am Monday 17th November 2014

IN THE real world, Chinese lanterns are being let up into the sky, causing injuries/death to our farm animals and fires in hay ricks or homes.

A case of radio gaga

This Is Wiltshire:

10:32am Monday 17th November 2014

It surely must have come as no surprise to readers of the national press this week when informed by a high-ranking BBC official that the BBC is no longer the bastion of correct English on radio and TV.

It's arresting stuff

This Is Wiltshire:

10:30am Monday 17th November 2014

Thirty five new powers were passed over to the EU on November 10 2014.

Traffic is a nightmare

This Is Wiltshire:

10:29am Monday 17th November 2014

WHAT is going on with the traffic in and around Swindon? I commute from Cricklade every day and the A419 is becoming a nightmare. I get to the top of the hill and Blunsdon and if it’s not queueing there, then it backs up a short distance further on.

Sounds good to me

This Is Wiltshire:

10:28am Monday 17th November 2014

Steve Thompson challenged me to reply to his letter (SA November 4) regarding UKIP policies. A pleasure – we are not kippers Sir; we are supporters of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

Cyclists were let off

This Is Wiltshire:

10:27am Monday 17th November 2014

Re cyclists on pavements. I saw two policemen walking and talking and a cyclist wanted to get past them; they just moved out of the way and never said a word. I couldn’t believe it.

Adults' cross purposes

This Is Wiltshire:

10:26am Monday 17th November 2014

IS it impossible for us to have anything nice and new in this town?

Are crossings safe?

This Is Wiltshire:

10:25am Monday 17th November 2014

THE council is very quick to say how safe the new crossings are at the new Regent Street shops, but they aren’t really saying that at all.

Jack was brave soldier

This Is Wiltshire:

10:20am Monday 17th November 2014

Your article (SA November 11) featuring Swindon families covered the consequences of WW1 trench warfare and the deep impact on both the Leggett and Lang families.

Movember warning

This Is Wiltshire:

10:19am Monday 17th November 2014

Men should stop and think before they rush to grow a moustache this November. Some of the money raised through the ‘Movember’ initiative (which requires participants to grow a moustache throughout the month of November) is used to fund vivisection.

Big screen rubbish tip

This Is Wiltshire:

10:18am Monday 17th November 2014

I read your piece about the Big Screen (SA November 8) and I agree it’s a waste of money.

Dirty, cruel business

This Is Wiltshire:

10:16am Monday 17th November 2014

I wonder if readers know which is the most killed animal in Britain? A strange question, but it is one with perhaps a surprising answer. It is the humble chicken.

Volunteers insulted

This Is Wiltshire:

10:14am Monday 17th November 2014

I feel that as the manager of the Walcot Community Shop I must express my disappointment and sadness at the remarks of Steve Nibbs in your paper a couple of days ago. He was seeking to connect the work of volunteers to the loss of jobs of library staff without any consideration been given to the effect of increasing technology on the library service. Just like in industry, time moves on and with it a reduction in human resources required. Ebooks, computers, scanners and photocopiers are what people need to do their job searches and fact finding. Gone are the days when huge buildings, full of books or even tablets of stone are required to store or pass on knowledge. For him to even hint that the volunteers are scum is disgraceful and obscene. Without the volunteers in Walcot there would be no library. It is almost six years ago that the very successful and award winning combination of shop and library was set up and it is only through the efforts of our unpaid volunteers that he compares with scabs that the service is still going strong today. Just maybe the time has come for the Library Service to be put on the same level as Leisure Services that is to be put out to private contractors. Only then will the true value of what our volunteers have achieved be appreciated.

EU proves mistake

This Is Wiltshire:

10:08am Monday 17th November 2014

Was it really worth it? The bickering discontentment of successive British governments with the EU is obviously reaching a climax which has seemingly become untenable.

A leisure fiasco

This Is Wiltshire:

10:07am Monday 17th November 2014

Many readers will have nearly choked on their breakfast cornflakes as they opened their Swindon Advertiser and read the sorry story that investment in the town’s leisure facilities is unlikely to occur any time soon.

Wheelchair plea

This Is Wiltshire:

10:06am Monday 17th November 2014

Following the findings from BBC London, which showed that numerous high street restaurant chains were inaccessible to wheelchair users, I would like to call for more pressure to be placed on businesses who fail to provide provisions for the disabled.

Signs and bags left

This Is Wiltshire:

10:04am Monday 17th November 2014

Can someone please explain why, after roadworks have taken place, the signs are not collected?

Badges of 'honour'

This Is Wiltshire:

10:03am Monday 17th November 2014

Thinking of all the stress we have endured over the past 12 months with our roads, all the money wasted on policies which have turned out to be white elephants, Swindon should lead the way and arrange a certificate highlighting a councillor’s blunder during the month and present it to them.

Fly, you can't drive

This Is Wiltshire:

10:02am Monday 17th November 2014

Good job Santa uses a flying sled pulled by reindeer because he would never get around the town with the current road hold-ups.

Think twice before buying red krill oil

This Is Wiltshire:

9:22am Thursday 13th November 2014

It is with dismay that I happened to catch sight of a relatively new TV advertisement fronted by an ex star of the TV series Countdown, and employed for her certain gift with arithmetic manipulation.

Twisting the facts

This Is Wiltshire:

9:20am Thursday 13th November 2014

I really think it is high time you stopped encouraging the same people who regularly use your column to insult other writers who wish to freely express their opinions on illegal immigrants, religion, the EU, etc.

Freedom to write

This Is Wiltshire:

9:19am Thursday 13th November 2014

Jon Ellis is quite correct to complain of the usual suspects writing boring, insulting and extremist letters to your letters page.

Faith in the young

This Is Wiltshire:

9:17am Thursday 13th November 2014

This week, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War, CATA, the Trowbridge Christian Churches together group, were kindly given permission to visit the schools of St Augustines and John of Gaunt. We spoke briefly to the many young students of the bravery and sacrifices made by so many young men and women in order that we can live in the freedom we all enjoy today. We handed out to those students who wished to accept one, a copy of the Active Service Saint John's Gospel, which was offered to those going to the front line. What was striking was the dignity and respectful silence that all the young students displayed, whether they held religious beliefs of any sort or not. Sometimes I feel that some people worry too much about our young people who will one day be in positions of influence and power themselves. John Grant Whiteland Rise Westbury

Day town stood still

This Is Wiltshire:

9:16am Thursday 13th November 2014

The day that Swindon stood still. That is the only way to describe Wednesday November 12, 2014 at 11 o'clock in the morning.

Regeneration all hype

This Is Wiltshire:

9:14am Thursday 13th November 2014

Adver correspondent Bernard Philips is quite right to applaud and support Councillor Mattock’s ‘vision for the future of our town’ (SA 12 November) and I am sure there is a lot of genuine excitement at the prospect of a new art gallery and museum forming part of the town's re-generation.


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