DANIEL Craig, Jeremy Clarkson and Jahmene Douglas were just some of the celebrities that Mike Jolly met when he walked the red carpet at the world premiere of Skyfall.

The 52-year-old, who served in the Army for 18 years, was invited to the James Bond event at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday with his wife Jane by Tickets for Troops.

The couple, of Nythe, were there with about 50 former and current servicemen and women who were given tickets by the Forces charity, as well as stars from the film and celebrity guests.

Mike said: “We walked the red carpet with all the other celebrities. They were fantastic and came up to us asking to have pictures taken with us.

“Daniel Craig was absolutely brilliant, he was so nice and very calm. He told us to enjoy the film.”

Skyfall is out in cinemas today, and Mike said it is a must-see.

“It was without doubt the best Bond film I have ever seen. The action sequences were out of this world and the storyline was fantastic. People are in for a real treat.

“The whole evening was amazing, my wife couldn’t believe the whole event and she looked a million dollars.”

Mike and Jane met several X Factor contestants during the evening, including Swindon’s Jahmene Douglas.

“Jahmene wished everyone in Swindon his best and thanked everyone for voting for him. He said hi to everyone at Asda as well,” said Mike.

“The X Factor lot were completely different from the way they are portrayed on television, Rylan was sweet as anything.

“He gave Jane a kiss and told her her dress was absolutely fantastic and that she smelled fantastic.”

The couple also met Jeremy Clarkson before walking the red carpet, but Mike said his favourite celebrity from the evening was Neighbours star, Holly Valance.

Skyfall was being shown at Cineworld in West Swindon from 10.30am today, with a further 10 further screenings scheduled throughout the day.

The film was also being shown at Empire Cinema in Greenbridge from 10.15am with another 20 screenings planned during the day.

For more information or tickets visit www.cine world.co.uk or www.empire cinemas.co.uk.