OCTOBER is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Great Western Hospital will be raising awareness of breast cancer care by hosting an online Q&A session on Twitter on Monday.

GWH is inviting people to join them on Twitter for a dedicated Q&A session and ask an expert any questions they may have about breast cancer. The session will be hosted by Nathan Coombs, a consultant breast surgeon at GWH.

He said: “People can sometimes feel uncomfortable to ask about issues such as breast cancer in males, or having a mastectomy, or feel silly asking if a mammogram hurts; but these are all valid questions and we want to give people the opportunity to easily and comfortably ask them and get an answer.”

GWH will aim to answer as many questions as possible during the Twitter Q&A and will also be signposting participants to where they can get further advice, support and information.

The session will take place on Monday from 1pm to 2pm. To take part follow GWH on Twitter at www.twitter.com/GWH_NHS and make sure you use the hashtag #AskGWH in your tweets.

You can also email your questions in advance to comms@gwh.nhs.uk.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, with 50,000 women and around 400 men diagnosed each year.