DISTURBING racist graffiti including crude swastikas and expletives have been repeatedly daubed on homes and garages in Penhill.

Wiltshire Police are appealing for witnesses to the appaling vandalism, which has hit a number of homes over the last month.

Certain families have had their houses defaced with abusive slogans and swastikas painted on walls, windows and doors in white, bright green and silver paint.

This has happened to houses in the Corsham Road and Fyfield Avenue areas since the beginning of December.

One house was vandalised on January 3 and three houses were damaged overnight from January 8 to 9.

One of the houses has been damaged on three separate occasions in this way. It is not known why this house in particular has been damaged.

Police believe the ethnicity of the families does not appear to have been the reason for their houses having been targeted, and the incidents appear to have been at random.

Geoff Bradley, 59, of Fyfield Avenue, could not understand why his neighbours had been subjected to abuse.

“The house on this street has been hit three times now this month,” he said. “When it first happened I thought it was very unusual for the area, and that family do not cause any harm to anybody.

“They have been putting swastikas all over the house, and the first time they did it they wrote a death threat on the footpath outside their house.

“It is disgusting, and I just don’t know why they are doing it. They are a lovely family, and they have lived here for 34 years. The children in that family have grown up here.

“They get on with their own business and this has come out of nowhere.”

Geoff has a camera outside his property, but was unable to see any activity because a street light across the road had not been working.

PC Lloyd Griffiths, community beat manager for Penhill, said the events were very unexpected.

“This is very unusual for the Penhill area,” he said. “I can see no reason why these families have had their houses damaged in this way.

“Whoever is doing this obviously thinks that they are having some fun but it has left three families worried about future problems.

“The families have been a part of the Penhill community for a long time and this has left them feeling vulnerable and worried.

"The local beat team have stepped up patrols and we are working with Swindon Council to catch the suspects and prevent this happening again.”

If anyone has any information as to who may be responsible for this damage, contact PC Griffiths on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where information can be left anonymously.