TEENAGE burglar Kalum Goodall, who led police on a high-speed chase in a car taken during a break-in, has been jailed.

Goodall, 18, was seen making off after waking the sleeping householders in two premises in the early hours of the morning.

Minutes later, a police patrol on the A419 spotted a Vauxhall Corsa with the teenager at the wheel travelling north with no lights on and a misted up windscreen.

Tessa Hingston, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court police were called at 3.15am on Sunday December 15 when a resident on Woodhouse Road spotted an intruder.

Then at about 4am, a woman in a house on neighbouring Welbeck Close heard a door downstairs closing and her Corsa going.

About 20 minutes later, an officer saw the car and was about to switch on his blue lights when it accelerated away at 80mph, before pulling off on to Hyde Road.

It went through a set of red traffic lights at the junction with Beechcroft Road, nearly hitting another vehicle, on to Ermin Street.

The Corsa then performed an emergency stop and when the officer pulled in behind, the car started to repeatedly reverse towards him. It shunted backwards and forwards, collided with the wall of The Crown and went down Swindon Road to Greenbridge where police managed to stop it with a stinger.

Goodall was taken to Gablecross police station where he was rude and abusive to officers trying to conduct a breath test, spitting in the face of one.

When he was questioned he said he could not recall any of the incident after drinking a lot of Jack Daniel’s the night before.

Goodall, of Horsham Road, pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary, aggravated taking without consent, failing to provide a specimen of breath, assault, and driving without a licence or insurance.

The court heard he had numerous previous convictions and stood to receive a minimum sentence as he had two previous matters of house burglary.

Rob Ross, defending, said his client was a few days short of becoming an adult when he committed the string of offences.

He said: “It is so sad this young man who committed these offences as a youth, just a couple of days before his 18th birthday, will have to go into his 18th birthday, and probably his 19th, in custody and there is no one from the family here to see him.

“Whatever happens he will be in custody for about 18 months, that may be a blessing in disguise. He is just someone who got dealt, through no fault of his own, a bad deck of cards the day he was born.”

Jailing him for two and a half years and banning him from the road for two years, Judge Tim Mousley QC said: “I have to bear in mind your age and the totality of sentence I pass on you.”