A TEENAGER had a lucky escape yesterday after his motorbike collided with a BMW, launching him over the vehicle and into another car.

The 18-year-old rode into the back of the BMW at around 1.15pm as it queued at the junction of Whitehill Way and Mead Way.

The collision caused him to become unseated, and he flew over the top of the BMW and hit the car in front.

The road between Mead Way and Eastleaze Road closed for around two hours while police and ambulance services attended the scene and the road was reopened some time later.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance was scrambled and landed but the biker was taken to Great Western Hospital by land instead.

A spokesman from the South West Ambulance Service said: “A man, believed to be around 20, received treatment on the road side following a collision with a car.

“Two paramedic crews and a response vehicle attended the scene.

“The patient did not sustain life-threatening or life changing injuries and was taken to the Great Western Hospital.”

It is thought that the biker did not spot the queue of traffic at the Mead Way junction until the last minute, and did not have time to respond appropriately.

PC Andy Stanley, who was at the scene, said: “We think the motorbike came over the hill and didn't react to the stream of traffic and continued into the back of the BMW.

“He flew over the top and hit another vehicle.”

There was no damage to the BMW, and the driver left the scene after emergency crews arrived.

Later in the afternoon paramedics were again called out to Thamesdown Drive after two vehicles crashed near the Aldi store opposite Thresher Drive.

One vehicle spun away and went into a lampost, bending it at an angle of about 45 degrees.

The drivers did not sustain serious injuries and Swindon Council were called out to assess the damage to the road and lamp post.

The council judged that the road had not been badly affected by the collision.

A police spokesman said: “We have seen a number of road traffic collisions in the last few days.

“A timely reminder with the continuing poor weather and the forecasted wintry conditions.

“Please drive safely, taking in account the deteriorating weather.

“Adapt your driving for different weather conditions - in the wet, fog and ice, keep well back from the car in front, slow down and use appropriate lights.

“If you are cycling, please ensure you are using the appropriate lights or wearing high visibility clothing - poor weather conditions mean it can be harder for drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists.”