ROBBER Danny Brown, who failed to comply with a suspended sentence, has been told by a judge he has reached the end of the road.

Brown, 23, of Botley Copse, Peatmoor, was given a chance in November after he was first found to be in breach of the order.

But after he failed to turn up for an education, training and employment programme, part of the one-year jail term has been activated.

Brown received the sentence, suspended for 18 months, last April after admitting robbing a man just over a year ago.

As part of the sentence he was ordered to be under probation supervision and complete a drug rehabilitation order.

But he failed to keep appointments and the case was brought back to court in November where a judge decided it was not in the interest of justice to jail him.

Instead he gave him a chance by lowering the intensity of the drug order and adding a six-day education, training and employment programme.

Mark Ashley, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court that Brown was due to start the programme in January but he failed to turn up and missed other meetings.

He had also been given a chance to see a community psychiatric nurse so she could give the judge a report on his mental health, but he also missed these appointments.

Brown admitted failing to comply with the conditions of a suspended sentence.

Rob Ross, defending, said his client was suffering from paranoia and psychosis, which may have been brought on by his drug use.

He asked for the court to give Brown some leeway by giving him a final chance, knowing he would go to jail if he failed again.

“He has not been before the court for another offence since the robbery, just over a year ago,” said Mr Ross. “Bearing in mind his record, that is progression.”

Jailing him, Judge Douglas Field said: “You have breached your requirements under the supervision. You were in breach of the drug rehabilitation.

“The education, training and employment you have breached because it was scheduled to commence on January 7 and you failed to attend that.

“And the latest report from the probation officer says that it is disappointing you have decided not to attend any further appointment since your last court appearance.

“We have evidence of complete disengagement of all the support available to you.

“I adjourned to give you another chance to see a community psychiatric nurse to get a report and she tells me you have not consistently kept appointments with her.

“So I am afraid you have come to the end of the road. I accept you have some mental health difficulties. I am obliged to put into action some part of the sentence.

“Mr Ross is right, the robbery was over a year ago and despite your previous convictions you have kept out of trouble.

“Because of that I am going to reduce the one year to nine months.

“You are going to serve nine months. You will be released at the halfway point.”

Brown and an accomplice had robbed a man who had been planning to rob them of some drugs in the incident in January last year.