EXTRA recycling boxes will not be available for collection starting from Sunday, February 9 due to an unforeseeable delay and the Council apologises to residents for any inconvenience caused.

People who still need an additional box are encouraged to continue putting any surplus recycling in alternative plastic containers or carrier bags and collection crews will pick it up as a temporary measure.

The box delay is due to a problem with the supplier and we are working hard to ensure they are delivered and available to pick up at the collection points as soon as possible, hopefully at some point next week.

More than 3,500 boxes have already been issued to residents who need an extra one to accommodate the weekly to fortnightly recycling collection service change, which took effect from this week (starting Monday, February 3).

The recycling changes mean that residents are asked to put out their recycling on the next day they are due a wheelie bin or blue bag collection for general waste. Plastics in clear bags should also be put out on this day.

There are various ways people can make the most of space in their recycle boxes, including squashing tins and cans, breaking down any cardboard boxes, stacking bottles neatly and putting shredded paper into a large envelope or cereal box.

For further updates on extra box availability and more information about the service change, please see www.swindon.gov.uk

Coun Richard Hurley, Cabinet Member for Public Protection, Housing and StreetSmart, said: “I would like to personally apologise to all residents who still need an extra box and reassure them that we are doing all we can to make boxes available as soon as possible. I appreciate this will be frustrating for some residents and encourage them to keep recycling by putting any surplus in alternative plastic containers or carrier bags for crews to pick up as normal. Thank you for your continued patience whilst we work to resolve this as a priority – your co-operation is really appreciated.”