YOUTH charity SMASH has a new project called Memory Makers and they are looking for volunteers who have time, patience and the ability to relate to a child’s view of the world.

Most of us take happy childhood memories for granted – whether it’s reading a special book, flying a kite, or making a cake with your grandmother.

“We carry our childhoods with us all our lives, so our early memories are very important to who we are as adults,” said Lyn Hartman, the co-founder of Memory Makers. “For some children those special times are lost because of bereavement, family breakdown, domestic violence or parental illness. “Memory Makers will give these children something special each week to help build a store of positive memories.

“Our philosophy is that happy memories are crucial in psychological and emotional growth. “Remembering good times can help cushion children from the challenges they face every day, and, crucially, give them hope for the future.”

Memory Makers hopes to make a positive impact on children in Swindon, their families and the wider community. The project has developed from a recognised need as SMASH are getting more requests for support for children who are younger than the 13 – 18 age range it currently supports. If you would like to find out more either call 01793 729748, email or visit the website and click on the Memory Makers button.