The end is not yet in sight, the Environment Agency admitted today as more rain is expected tonight and during the rest of the week.

More rain falling on saturated ground and increasing already high river levels is expected to add to problems suffered in places such as Aldbourne, Malmesbury - where the Malmesbury Vics Football ground was flooded again at the weekend - and Bradford on Avon, where temporary flood barriers are in place.

Caroline Douglass, of the Environment Agency, said: “Our sincere sympathy goes out to those who have already suffered the dreadful experience of being flooding.

“Our teams will continue to work around the clock to protect lives, homes, businesses, communities and farmland over the coming days.

“This is already the wettest January England has experienced since 1766, and we are moving towards December, January and February being the wettest winter in 250 years.

"Looking ahead at the rest of this week, the end is not yet in sight.

“Unfortunately, we cannot prevent flooding altogether so I would urge the public to check if they live or work in a flood risk area, sign up to our receive free flood warnings if they do, and keep up to date with the latest situation on the Environment Agency website.”

Advice and guidance about flooding is available on the Environment Agency website and from Floodline on 0845 988 1188. For the more information follow the Environment Agency on Twitter @EnvAgencySW and @EnvAgencySE.

  • A new Floodline number - 0345 988 1188 - was released after complaints that callers were being charged up to 41p a minute to call the existing Environment Agency helpline on the premium rate number 0845 9881188, with the money going to a private firm.