TEENAGER Kyle Parmenter, who saved for months to buy a motorbike for his 16th birthday, has been left devastated after it was stolen and burnt out just weeks later.

Kyle, who has a statement of special educational needs, gathered change by doing chores for friends and neighbours in order to buy his £850 Yamaha.

He turned 16 in December, and was thrilled when he got his CBT licence and bought the bike.

But last Saturday, it was stolen from his front garden, driven to a nearby field and set on fire.

Kyle’s mum, Kathleen Wright, said: “He saved really hard to get this new bike. He suffers from a lot of anxiety, and he was really looking forward to getting on the road and having his freedom. Because he knew his 16th birthday was coming up he put all his Christmas money and birthday money towards it.

“He was desperate, and has been saving throughout last year. He has got a statement of education for behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, which he is getting help for.”

The bike was taken sometime during the night while it was chained up outside the house in Willows Avenue, Penhill.

“He parked it up outside the house on Saturday night and locked it up,” said Kathleen, 34. “During the night it got stolen from the front garden and driven to a park around the corner, where it got burnt out. It’s completely destroyed, and is just a shell of a bike.

“The bike itself cost around £850, and he spent another £150 or so on getting his CBT licence. The bike is a red and white Yamaha CF50-RR.

“During the night my partner came home about 3am. He was driving his mates back home after a night out and they noticed Kyle’s helmet was there but could not see the bike.”

Kyle was woken in the early hours with the news.

“I loved that bike because I was free and could get to where I needed to go,” he said.

“My grandad died recently and ny nan lives in Chiseldon, so I used to have to get the bus to go and see her.

“I felt safer on the bike as well because I wasn’t with a lot of people. I don’t feel comfortable with a lot of people.

“I had locked it up properly, so they must have cut through the lock. It was really emotional, and I just want to find who did this.”

Contact Wiltshire Police on 101 if you have any information regarding this incident.