JUST four weeks after undergoing life-changing surgery to help him walk unaided, Jack Pike has cycled for the first time.

Five-year-old Jack, of Penhill, suffers from spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, which causes stiffness to his leg muscles, making it very difficult for him to walk.

He underwent pioneering surgery on his spine in Bristol four weeks ago, more than two years after his parents Kylie and Gary launched a fundraising campaign to raise the £24,000 needed for the operation.

And now, he is making use of his first bike.

Mum Kylie said: "He is doing so good. It is unreal that only four weeks ago he had it done, and he is just doing so well at everything already.

"He doesn't get a lot of pain, just bad spasms in his legs but is on medication for that. He likes to show everyone the scar on his back."

As the Pikes were refused NHS funding for the £24,000 surgery, they launched a campaign to secure the sum.

Thanks to the help of generous Swindonians, they eventually reached the £32,000 mark.