PARKS children celebrated their artistic achievements when they won charity Restore’s half term craft competition.

The charity, based in St John’s Church Hall in Whitbourne Avenue, held crafting days on Tuesday and Thursday during half term and yesterday awarded 10-year-old Bryony Ponting and four-year-old Emily Allen prizes for their creations.

Ian Howard, project manager at the charity shop which is all about restoring people and their communities, said: “It was just good fun and there was lots of imagination and ideas “It wasn’t just the children either – all their parents were getting involved and taking part and it’s inspired me to do similar things in the Easter holiday.”

As well as selling second-hand and restored goods, such as furniture, crockery and toys, the project also carries out electrical testing, creates bird boxes and other woodwork as well as furniture repairs and grows vegetables and plants.

But Ian’s vision is to do more work to support the community.

He said: “People think we’re a shop which just recycles furniture, but we’re not, we also try to restore people and their community.”

The shop is open every weekday from 10am to 4pm.

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