MOODS in the Jason Ranford and Daniel Wells camps could not be more different heading into tonight’s big fight at the MECA, as they settle their differences toe-to-toe.

Doors will open at 6.30pm this evening, with Wells and Ranford first on the billing, at 7pm as Swindon Fight Club Seven swings into action.

A series of disputes between the pair, mainly involving Wells’ friend and former Brunel Rooms manager Nathan Hatter, has led to this white collar fight.

Speaking yesterday, Ranford admitted he could not wait for the whole thing to be over, whilst Wells was eagerly anticipating the chance to finally throw some punches at his well-publicised enemy.

“I am as ready as I will ever be,” said Ranford, a former director at the Brunel Rooms. “The guys that I have been training with know I can throw strong punches with my right arm – it’s just getting the opportunity to do that.

“Boxing is like no other sport. You can’t learn to be a boxer in the time we’ve had, but I have learnt the little techniques I can.

“This is the first and last time I will step in the ring in Swindon, so I plan to do all I can when I’m in there.

“I am a little nervous of how many people are going to be there. “A lot of people there want me to lose and that’s put a lot of pressure on me.

“I have already sold a tremendous amount of tickets for this fight and I will be bringing all of my family and friends along to support me.

“I am an entertainer at the end of the day, not a boxer. “I can almost guarantee everyone who comes along will be entertained.”

Whilst Ranford has got himself a special spray tan for the evening, to go along with his self-confessed Essex boy image, Wells has said he will keep things a little more understated.

“I have been keeping things quiet this week, I have been taking it easy in training and just staying loose,” said Wells.

“I would not say I’m nervous. I am looking forward to it.

“I still plan to let him tire himself out, but if he wants a street fight I am quite happy to sit there and block all of his punches, but if he wants to box.

“I am pretty confident I will be the better boxer of the two.

“I will keep the entrance music quiet for now and let everyone hear it on the night, but I am sure everyone will love it.”

Wells said the animosity between himself and Ranford has not waned in the weeks leading up to the fight, with plenty of messages being sent in both directions putting the other down.

“Jason thinks I want him to make me famous with all the press coverage, but I couldn’t care less. “I just want to give him a slap, like everyone else in Swindon.”