A FLYTIPPER made a schoolboy error after leaving addressed mail in a bag of rubbish dumped at Coate Water on Saturday. When concerned resident Leigh Nugent found the rubbish while out walking his two dogs with his girlfriend around the Swindon beauty spot, he took the trouble to find the letters in the bag and return the whole package to the sender.

The 44-year-old from Old Town said: ”On Saturday morning we went for a walk around Coate Water. We came around a corner on the path and there was this bag of rubbish. We just couldn’t believe it, we didn’t know why someone would do this.”

When Leigh opened up the bag, he found a wad of letters addressed to a home in Albion Street.

He said: “I just thought I would open it up and check inside it, just in case there were something in there to identify him. It was then that I found these letters all addressed to him.

“So I brought the bag back on my lap in the car, and next time I was driving near the address I wrote a note, and I dropped it off.”

It is not the first time that Leigh has returned dumped rubbish to its owners.

“Once, I found rubbish dumped around the corner from where I live. I managed to find a telephone number and it turned out they had moved to Bournemouth. I told them that they had left all this rubbish and they had to come back and get it. I had thrown it away by then of course but it had them worried. They were mortified that I had caught them out.”

Leigh is really keen that flytippers should be named and shamed.

He said: “It’s just disgusting. I think people just forget what’s around them. I love Swindon. I love living here but people are ruining it with flytipping.”

The Adver attempted to contact the flytipper but was unable to get a response at the address.

Coate Water is not the only place that people have abandoned bags of rubbish, with fly tipping at Cheney Manor Industrial Estate getting worse.

Mark Iles, 47, of scrapyard Fords Only, said fly tipping had been an issue near his scrapyard in Brindley Close for months, and was only getting worse.

He added: “I run a scrapyard, and my yard is tidier than the outside of the road.

“I pay a monthly charge of between £36 to £40 to keep the road clean and tidy. There has been an agreement it would be swept on the last Wednesday of every month, but that does not seem to have happened.”

Swindon Council is investigating the incident.