DRIVERS faced a particularly difficult commute to work yesterday morning because of heavy fog.

Police warned motorists to take care in the morning’s fog after two incidents thought to be related to poor visibility before 8.30am.

The first took place on the A419 southbound slip road at the Commonhead roundabout at around 7am when a Peugoet 307 collided with a Mercedes Sprinter van.

No one was injured in the crash but one of the vehicles blocked the road until it was cleared at 8.30am.

Another incident saw a Fiat Punto overturned on Brimble Hill, Wroughton, at 8.15am as the driver swerved to avoid a deer.

He escaped with no injuries.

A police spokesman said it was unknown if this was directly related to the weather but warned motorists to drive with caution.

He said: “We urge drivers to drive safely, be aware of braking distances and ensure their car is in good working order, including all lights.”