YOUNGSTERS at Commonweal School were treated to a display that was out of this world.

They were given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to examine some moon rock.

The rare rock was brought into the school as preparation for science week and has inspired many of the children to take a closer look at space.

“I thought it was amazing when I realised how long it had it had been in space,” said 12-year-old Hannah Rutherford. “It was really good getting to see the rocks because I don’t think we will again.”

Joseph Walker, also 12, said: “Some of the people in the class thought it was fake until we actually saw them. It has definitely made me want to find out more about space and where the rocks came from.”

In order to get the rocks brought into the school, they had to pass numerous security checks as they are priceless.

Darcia Gingall, a Key Stage 3 Science Teacher, said: “It was a really great experience for everyone, not just the children. I’ve been teaching for 15 years and have never had this chance so it is fantastic the children have. Hopefully it, along with the other events we have planned next week, will inspire them to take a bigger interest in science.”