A SHOPPER who happened by a small patch of graffiti believes it could be by the mysterious street artist Banksy.

Ronald Vickers, 67, of Liden, was on his way home from Sainsbury’s in Stratton when he spotted the mural, which he believes bears the hallmarks of the famous, nay infamous, Bristol-based tagger.

Ronald, a ‘quite big’ Banksy fan, said: “I think it could be genuine – it’s got a few of his little quirks like the clover and the colour in the lips. I don’t know what point it’s trying to make.

“It reminded me of the one of the little girl putting the flowers down with the grass and the clover. I also think he’s the type of person to spread himself about so maybe that’s why he’s come to Swindon.”

The problem is, though, the identity of the man himself is shrouded in mystery and many have attempted to imitate his distinctive stencil-style.

It’s obscure position, on the underpass that leads past the White Hart pub and runs underneath the A419, and small scale perhaps points to a faker.

Only last October the artist, or vandal depending on your perspective, was in New York for a month-long project.

And stories proliferate online on various news sites about similar stencil art appearing.

So it begs the question why Swindon and why now?