LORRY driver Brian Waite has spoken out after his ex-partner Corrina Finney cleared out his flat of all his belongings, from his curtains to his carpets.

The 63-year-old of Moredon came home from a day at the races at the Cheltenham Festival last month to find he had been stripped of all his possessions.

On Wednesday 39-year-old Finney, of Millgrove Street, Redhouse, pleaded guilty at Swindon Magistrates Court to the theft of all his material goods from his flat in The Street on March 14.

Finney admitted to convincing a removal van driver she met on Facebook to help her remove the items, leaving only the underlay and a few potted plants.

Brian was devastated when he came home to find his flat empty.

He said: “I was dumbfounded. I just couldn’t understand why she would do that, after all I have done for her.

“I called the police and when he walked in he asked if I was taking the mick when I said someone I knew had done this to me.

“She only left the underlay, and the plants on the window because she knew I liked my plants. She took the bed, the fridge, the cooker. The cooker had been ripped out – they hadn’t disconnected it properly. All my clothes were gone as well.”

Mother-of-two Finney said that she had stripped his flat while he was out as revenge for cheating on her on three occasions, but Brian denies ever cheating on her.

He said: “I never cheated on her. Why would I need to? I am 63 and one woman is enough for me.

“I have never been so happy without her. I’m just glad it’s over and it’s done.”

Some of Brian’s possessions were tracked down by the police, but he said that items amounting to £3,000 in value are still missing.

He said: “On the Monday after it happened a policeman gave me a call and said he wanted to speak to me urgently. He took me to his car and in the boot were my golf clubs. I bawled my eyes out. They’re my pride and joy, my golf clubs. I had to spend £300 replacing the carpets and some stuff has come back. The rest of it? Well, if I see something I like I’ll buy it.”

Finney, who claimed she caught Brian cheating on her on three occasions, said she had his home gutted in revenge.

She said: “I am not sorry. My solicitor told me to say I was sorry but I’m not – I am only sorry I didn’t do it sooner.”

The case was adjourned for psychiatric and pre-sentence reports and Finney was released on bail, on condition she does not go to The Street in Moredon and does not contact Mr Waite.

Finney will appear before the court on May 12.