LUCKY youngsters from Red Oaks Primary School had a special lesson in healthy eating from Old Town juice bar The Core.

Kris Talikowski from The Core dropped in on the school along with Year 7 pupils from Isambard Community School to find out how to pack more fruit and veg in their diet.

During a special demonstration the children found out how they could eat more celery, avocado, broccoli, carrot and parsnip by juicing it.

Rachel Surch, headteacher at Red Oaks, said: “I think it was really good. I was standing at the door while the children left with their cups of juice and 90 per cent of them were saying that they liked it. I enjoyed it as well – I had beetroot and parsnip and it’s not something I thought I would like but it was quite nice.

“Everybody knows how important it is to make sure you eat healthy and it seems like a great way to get children to eat fruit and vegetables.

“I was so impressed I’m going to go out and buy one myself.”

Kris, who has toured the country offering workshops on healthy eating, visited Red Oaks as part of a promotional deal for the first three schools to get in touch.

Rachel said: “One of my teachers happened to be in the Core and Kris said that they were doing this and when she brought it back and told me about it I rang him straight away.”

Kris led a workshop for the children during the afternoon and after school parents joined staff to find out more about juicing.