CONTROVERSIAL footballer Nile Ranger will be questioned by Wiltshire Police this week after a CCTV camera allegedly caught him striking a woman three times and kicking down the door at his home in Gordon Gardens.

The footage, which surfaced yesterday, appears to show Ranger aiming three punches at a woman before kicking through a secure door in the car park at the block of flats he lives in.

The police were contacted last Wednesday by a building management company, believed to be Mainstay, which manages the flats in Gordon Gardens in the town centre, to report criminal damage at the address.

The damage allegedly caused by Ranger is said to be worth £2,000 and involved a lift door, wall and glass panel.

Ranger’s neighbours spoke of the damage caused to the Adver yesterday.

Pav Szczerkowski, 30, a plumbing and heating engineer, said: “The police were here from Friday through to Saturday. There were two police cars and one BMW X5 police car. We saw them at 4am on Saturday morning.

“My dad was looking after our flat whilst we were away on holiday earlier this month. “He told us the door had been kicked in and glass was lying around everywhere.”

Another resident, who chose to remain anonymous, said: “The management company removed the entire door and frame.

“The glass panel had been broken. Once it was broken, it was easy for people to reach through and press the button which releases the door. “It means you don’t need your key to get in.”

Another neighbour, who also chose to withhold his name, said: “I just came downstairs to go to work on the Monday and saw glass all over the floor.

“The window looked like it had been punched through.”

Wiltshire Police said a 23-year-old man would be contacted via his solicitor for interview by appointment.

“Police were contacted on April 23 by a building management company to report criminal damage at a residential address in Gordon Gardens, Swindon,” a spokeswoman said.

“The company were visiting to assess damage reported by residents to have happened on April 13 at approximately 4am.

“Damage caused is in the region of £2,000 to a lift door, a wall and a glass panel which was smashed.

“During the course of enquiries the company have supplied the police with a copy of CCTV of the incident which shows a man kicking and smashing the door and lift, and at one point punching a female who was with him.

“Police have been making enquiries to locate the suspect.

“As a result a man, aged 23, from Gordon Gardens in Swindon will be contacted via his solicitor for interview by appointment in connection with the criminal damage and assault.

“Police are keen to hear from the woman who was with the man on April 13 at 4am and would encourage her to come forward and speak to police.”

Ranger, who plays as a striker for Swindon Town, has not played for the club since February 14 because of a hamstring injury.