FURTHER expansion could see more estates springing up to the east of Wroughton after a second 100-home development has been planned for the area.

Detailed plans for the housing around Berkeley Farm will go on show to the public next Wednesday, and come after opposition to a 103-home development just to the south, next to Marlborough Road.

Requests for a further 150 homes to be built just to the north of Berkeley Farm have also been submitted recently, for the land on Artis Farm.

Hundreds of objections were submitted for the development east of Marlborough Road, and residents are currently awaiting a decision from Swindon Council on the revised plans.

Some of the concerns include flooding and the increased pressure on roads, which is due to grow with the nearby Wichelstowe development.

Cathy Martyn, a member of the opposition group, said: “We are currently awaiting a decision from Swindon Council, which will be made at the next planning meeting.

“We understand that it is probably not going to be until June.”

An environmental impact assessment has been requested for the area around Berkeley Farm, and residents are urging as many people as possible to attend the public briefing.

Attempts are being made to curb development applications in the area after a number of unwanted schemes have been put forward.

Wroughton was designated a neighbourhood area by Swindon Council in February after the parish council applied for the status last September.

The parish council is currently consulting on its neighbourhood plan, which would determine development in the area in the future.

In the meantime an interim neighbourhood plan has been put together to try to reflect the views of residents.

The plan accepts the need for at least 150 new homes in Wroughton by 2026, but urges more development of brownfield sites.

It says: “Wroughton faces considerable challenges from the continuing growth of Swindon’s urban area, the desire of developers to build on greenfield sites surrounding the village and the risk of inappropriate development.

“Swindon's emerging Local Plan 2026, which has not yet been adopted, will require that Wroughton takes at least an additional 150 homes by 2026.

“In reality a small number of these have already had planning permission granted or have been constructed, which does reduce the target to below 150.

“Developers often favour greenfield sites as being easier and cheaper to build.

“However there are a number of previously developed sites around which could certainly accommodate many, if not all of the target of 150 homes.”