THRILL-SEEKERS entering Aspen House in the town centre to climb railingsare putting their lives at risk, say police.

The 12-storey building is currently covered in scaffolding as it is being demolished but it has not stopped people getting in.

On Sunday night police were called after several men were seen throwing objects from the roof.

Now both the police and the council have warned people to stay away because the building is dangerous and anyone entering without protection is risking serious injury or death.

Council communications officerRichard Freeman said: “The people who have trespassed in Aspen House are incredibly stupid. Anyone going in there without permission is risking their life.

“Even if they only injure themselves it could be some time before they are found.

“The building is being demolished, which means there are weakened floors and walls, holes in the structure where they might not be expected to be, and all the windows have been removed.

“The scaffolding around any building is dangerous if people aren’t trained to use it properly, and this building is high.

“There is also a flooded basement which people could fall into.”

Last year Aspen House was bought by the council as part of the ongoing process to regenerate the town centre.

Because it was in such poor condition it was decided to bring the building down.

To prevent any further trespassing, security at the site has been stepped up.

“The council and the contractor doing the work have put in extra security measures and the police are stepping up their patrols around the building,” said Richard.

“The demolition and complete removal of the materials will take another five months or so, after which there are plans to put in a landscaped area.”

The police have asked that anyone who sees any suspicious activity in the building to contact them immediately.

Town Centre Inspector Paul Saunders said: “There are obvious safety concerns with anyone breaking into a derelict building.

“Not only are there risks of injury but also of no one being aware of anyone inside potentially requiring assistance.

“If anyone sees anything suspicious around the site, they should contact the police on 101.”