INFAMOUS Sun columnist Katie Hopkins has struck again, sparking outrage in the town after labelling Swindon an “ugly place no-one cares about”.

Swindon became The Apprentice contestant’s latest target in an opinion piece today in the national newspaper discussing cleric Abu Hamza’s terrorism conviction in New York earlier this week.

In the article, she hits out at his family for continuing to live in London at the expense, she claims, of the taxpayer. She goes on to suggest they move to Swindon instead.

“Surely the most sensible thing would be to move them to an ugly place no one cares about - like Swindon,” she wrote.

“Find them a grotty semi in the rough end of town next to a roundabout and a KFC and everyone will be happy.

“They can crack on doing Swindon-type things such as, erm, watching traffic, and the taxpayer can then save a bob or two.”

Her inflammatory comments caused a stir in the town and were condemned by residents, MPs and councillors alike. Owen Reynolds, of Pinehurst, was appalled by her description of Swindon.

The father-of-one, originally from Wales, was posted in Wroughton by the RAF in 1956.

He later married and moved to Swindon.

“I made Swindon my home and to see that this woman has the audacity to write this in a national newspaper annoys me immensely,” said the 76-year-old.

“She said ‘put them in the rough end of town’ like Swindon is a scruffy and dirty town but Swindon is not like that. Just walk around the Town Gardens. They are beautiful.”