THE European elections have provided another good result for UKIP following a strong showing in Thursday’s local election.

The anti-EU party received just over 17,000 votes, several thousand more than the Conservatives and Labour who finished second and third respectively.

It was a poor night for the Liberal Democrats who finished fifth behind the Green Party.

These results were then combined with the rest from the South West region, which includes Gibraltar, to decide the six MEPs who will represent the area in the European Parliament.

The total results mean there will be two from UKIP, two Conservatives, one Labour and one Green.

While it was a boost for Labour, who gained one MEP from the Conservatives, the result was a further blow for the Lib Dems, who lost their one MEP to the Green Party.

It ends a very good few days for UKIP in Swindon, as well as the Conservatives who have said they are delighted to be ahead of the Labour party one year before a general election.

The turnout for the European election was 35.6 per cent.