TEACHERS have been appointed and headteacher Jane Leo is set to start moving her Tadpole Farm Primary Academy team into their temporary home at Redhouse Community Centre within the next fortnight.

Three staff have been appointed to guide schoolchildren through their first years at the North Swindon school.

Mrs Leo met her new team – three female teachers – at the Redhouse site for the first time on Wednesday, when she saw building was still progressing at a rate of knots.

“Building’s going really well,” she said. “There are three teachers, who we employed a couple of weeks ago.

“We had a look around all the rooms they will be teaching in. They liked seeing it. “It makes it all the more real to stand inside it.

“They’re spot on schedule, if not a little ahead still. We’re getting other things in place now.”

Of the three teachers appointed at the school, two are already working at Swindon schools.

One of whom is already leading the foundation stage at their current school and will take up the same position at Tadpole.

Of the other two, one has been teaching four years and the other has just completed their first year, though she has extensive experience in a previous profession.

Mrs Leo said there were more than 30 applicants for the roles, though none of these were males, something she said is not uncommon at primary level.

Advertisements for teaching assistant roles and clerical staff will be posted online over the weekend.

The head said she was more than happy with what she heard from the first meeting of the team in its entirety on Wednesday.

“They came in with lots of ideas. This building isn’t being built as a school. It’s a community centre, so it’s about adapting things,” she said.

“There are three storage cupboards in one of the main teaching rooms, but we’ve decided to leave the doors off.

“The teachers suggested turning them into three pods for the children to use. They might be used for IT or sensory activities.”

The school’s first official meetings with parents were also held earlier this month, at Isambard Community School.

More than 85 parents attended across two meetings with children due to enrol in nursery and reception classes.

A shortlist for school colours has also been drawn up. After consultation with parents, school governors must now decide whether their pupils will wear white polo shirts with royal blue or jade sweatshirts.