THE results of a year’s worth of work by media makeup students from Swindon College was on display last night at a special fashion show.

From Alice in Wonderland characters to the animal kingdom, brightly-dressed models showed off a variety of skills, from body-painting to prop design.

Held at the Steam Museum, the annual event is for B-Tech and HND students to demonstrate their work to family and friends.

Jennifer Dythem, a B-Tech course tutor, said: “This is the second year we have held the show at the Steam Museum and I think the setting really helps to bring out the best in everyone.

“The quality we have on display here is absolutely fantastic and gets better every year.

“A lot of work goes into everything they all do, so this show is very important to everyone. All the students look forward to it and it is a good chance for their parents and other family members to see what they have done.”

There was a special guest in the audience in Peter Sword King, a renowned makeup artist in the world of film which inspired everyone to raise their game.

Among those demonstrating their work was 1st year B-Tech student Amy O’Driscoll, 16, who put together a sea horse dress modelled by 17-year-old Christina Tucci.

Amy said: “We were given the theme of the animal kingdom and I went with a seahorse. I am really pleased with how everything has turned out.

“All my family are coming to the show so hopefully they will be pleased with everything I have done.

“The college have been absolutely brilliant. They work with you throughout the year and help you to progress. I wake up happy every day because I am doing something which I absolutely love.”

The HND students worked in teams with an Alice in Wonderland theme to demonstrate more advanced skills, with plenty of large wigs and elaborate props on show.

Student Lisa Murphy, 35, said: “It has been hard work but we’re all really pleased with how everything has turned out.

“We were only told the theme at the beginning of May so it has been quite hectic since then.”

Modelling the team’s work was 26-year-old Tessa Disney, who was dressed as Alice, complete with a giant book.

She said: “Everything on the costume we have had to make ourselves so we are showing everything we have learnt. This show is the perfect opportunity for us to show our work.”

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