WHEN hair stylist Stacey Johnson was stacking shelves in Asda she never thought that one day she might be modelling the hair of the stars.

Last month, Stacey’s talent and hard work came to a head when she had the opportunity to style the hair of Charlie Brooks – who plays Janine in the BBC’s EastEnders – for the British Soap Awards.

The 32-year-old from Stratton studied an apprenticeship in hairdressing at Philosophy Hairdressing in Witney but always preferred the styling side of the work.

The mum of two said: “I wasn’t happy doing hairdressing as such but I loved watching the people doing the hair for weddings and special occasions and arranging it.

“But at the time I thought that to get to that stage you need to do a lot of the hairdressing side of things. I was also getting ready for my wedding”

After Stacey had her first son Isaac, now six, she started working at Asda Walmart in North Swindon, where she met star Jahmene Douglas before he found fame through The X Factor.

She said: “We worked in different departments so I didn’t know him that well but he deserves everything he has got. He is such a lovely bloke.

“I think he inspired a lot of people to follow their dreams.

“Working in Asda is great and they are so supportive.”

Stacey had always been the first choice for her girlfriends when it came to doing hair for parties.

Stacey said: “My best friend, Kelly Walker, was getting married in 2012 and she wanted someone she knew to do her hair and so she asked me. She didn’t want a stranger doing it.

“Everyone who saw her said she looked amazing, and said that her hair was better than the bridesmaids, which had been done by professionals.

“It was then really that I thought if it is that good I should probably give it a go and try to set up my own business.”

Stacey then completed a qualification in Hair Up from the Guild of Beauty Therapists, and set up her own company, Updoo.

The business took off, and soon she was asked to do the hair for a photo shoot for Cotswold Life.

She said: “I was asked to do the hair of Chrys Columbine, the international burlesque star for the magazine.

“I had no idea who she was until after the shoot.

“She said she absolutely loved it, because I treated her like a normal person.”

Her work with Cotswold Life got her noticed by several other high profile clients, including Charlie Brooks.

Stacey said: “We actually have a mutual friend and we were put in touch.

“She said she liked my work and asked if I would do her hair for the British Soap Awards.

“She was so lovely, she was just really nice.

“I thought that there must be something about her that is like Janine, but there wasn’t, not at all.”

l To find out more about Stacey, or to book her to do your hair on your special occasion, visit www.updoo.co.uk.