CONTROVERSIAL plans to build up to 103 homes on fields behind Marlborough Road are expected to be refused at a planning meeting tonight. 

The plans, which have earmarked land to the east of Marlborough Road in Wroughton, have caused several concerns amongst residents who believe it could put pedestrians’ lives at risk on an already dangerous thoroughfare.

Access to the proposed site would be in the form of a T-junction and would be gained by the demolition of two properties on Marlborough Road.

The application is due to go before the planning committee at Swindon Council tonight and are recommended for refusal.

Wroughton Parish Council, South Swindon MP Robert Buckland and Chiseldon Parish Council were amongst those objecting to the plans.

A spokesperson for the Campaign to Protect Rural England, who also object to the plans, said: “We have several concerns regarding this application.

“From the indicative masterplan it is clear that this is a ‘locked-in’ development, that is to say there is a single route in and out. It seems both unsafe and a poor estate design to have no alternative access for emergency vehicles in the case of obstruction at the entrance. This is particularly relevant when the single access point is on to a B road which falls considerably below the width and safety requirements for the full range of road users. This sole access of a large housing estate on to an already busy through route on a singularly difficuly hill make this proposal inappropriate.

“We believe that this development would undermine the scale, location and phasing of new development in Wroughton up until 2026. The draft Local Plan has been submitted, and although not examined, therefore carries significant weight.”

The result of the planning meeting will be posted online tomorrow morning.