FOR almost 30 years Graham Dunn has strung up St George’s Crosses across his house in Penhill Drive in support of England – who kick off their campaign tonight.

The 40-year-old remembers putting up his first flag in support of the Three Lions during the 1986 World Cup, and since then it is a passion which has grown and grown.

Anybody walking along the Penhill road will be able to spot Graham’s house a long way away. There are more than 20 red crosses adorning the house, garden, fence and shed.

“Whenever England are in a big tournament I will always put them up, without fail,” he said.

“It’s England, isn’t it? I have supported them all my life, I’m football mad, always have been.”

Despite the attention his house draws to the area, his neighbours have not once criticised him.

The Klaw Services employee said: “It’s nice. I have lots of people come to my house and take pictures. They say it’s good.

“I haven’t had anyone come to my house and say anything horrible about it.”

Graham said he is likely to watch the match at home with his 12 and 14-year-old sons, who he also said are over the moon with his display of patriotism.

He said he has to call on their help whenever he pulls the flags out of the attic for another year.

The flags should also set the standard for everyone else to follow, he said.

“I haven’t seen anyone else with this number of flags up.

“Over the years there have been one or two putting a few eye-catching displays up, but it seems to be a bit quieter this year.

“We should all do it. Everyone should support England – it only comes around every four years. It wouldn’t hurt them to put up an England flag.”