‘DON’T wash raw chicken’ is the advice being given by Wiltshire Council and the Food Standards Agency, and is the message for this year’s Food Safety Week (June 16 to 22).

Campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK affecting nearly 250,000 people each year in the UK. It can’t be seen, smelt or even tasted on food, but if it affects people, they won’t forget it. At its worst, it can kill.

The Food Standards Agency is spearheading a campaign to bring together the whole food chain to tackle the problem. Farmers and producers will be asked to work harder to reduce the amount of bacteria on their raw poultry. made.

Local authorities, all the major supermarkets and key partners will be working together to make sure people know how to stay safe. Advice is available at www.food.gov.uk/chicken.

People are being advised not to wash raw chicken as it can splash the bacteria onto items close to the sink. Following the easy steps of not washing raw chicken, covering and storing it at the bottom of the fridge, using hot soapy water to wash cooking utensils and recyclable food packaging, and cooking the chicken thoroughly is the best way to protect against infection.