MUSICIANS spread the word through song about the outstanding care received by thousands of patients with life-limiting illnesses at the hands of Prospect Hospice.

Swindon Academy students took over rock club Level 3 on Commercial Road for two special end-of-year gigs, in support of the Wroughton charity, on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

From pop and jazz to heavy metal, every genre was duly represented at the performances which saw level 2 and level 3 B-Tech musicians and vocalists roused crowds of schoolmates, friends, parents and club regulars.

Supporting Prospect was an easy decision for the young people according to Hannah Fullick, the lead vocal for Lidexia Barjack and Academy head of charity.

“We chose Prospect because one of our classmates had a relative who died at Prospect,” said the 19-year-old.

“She wanted us to donate some money to help Prospect and everybody decided to support them for that reason.

“It’s very important to do something for charity. I love charity and I love to give something to others less fortunate than me. It fills me with great pride that we have all worked on something together to help other people.”

She added: “It was quite a fun party. It was for anybody who fancied coming. Everybody was given separate jobs and we organised it as a whole group.”

The funds raised are still being counted and the collection boxes sealed waiting to be delivered to Prospect Hospice.