EXCITED pupils from Oaktree School sped into the fast lane with the help of a supersonic car simulator, reaching an impressive 1,000mph.

The eager students were welcomed by Churchfields Academy, who have been using the Bloodhound to engage children with maths and science.

The Bloodhound Project is a global engineering scheme designed to break the World Land Speed Record whilst educating and inspiring the next generation.

Year five students from Lawn, Lainesmead and Drove have also enjoyed the simulator as part of Churchfield’s ‘WOW’ days.

Angela Percival, Director of Business Community at the school, said: “This is a brilliant project for the kids to get involved in. On the WOW days they learn all about the Bloodhound in maths, engineering, science and IT classes. They’ve been attaching rockets to car models to learn about speed, and blowing the tiles off the roof learning about fuel! It offers maximum fun and maximum learning as a cross-curricular project.”

The Bloodhound project was brought to Churchfields by Intel, who work closely with the school to get the kids engaged in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects.

Originally sponsors of the Bloodhound, Intel have continued to teach children how to use the simulator.

Preena Mistry, a STEM ambassador at Intel said: “Bringing Bloodhound into schools is a great way to get conversations going about these subjects. It’s all about making science and maths fun,”

Oaktree pupil Katlyn Knight, 10, was the first to have a go on the Bloodhound simulator.

“It felt so weird because the back of the chair was vibrating. You had to push two buttons and a pedal, but some people couldn’t reach it. I went 1032.8 miles an hour,” she said.