SAFETY issues at the pedestrian crossing by the new Regent Circus development will be ironed out as the September 4 launch date of the complex approaches.

On Tuesday, councillors and council officers met representatives of Swindon Back Garden residents’ association to discuss the concerns around the crossing, which has been transformed into a raised pedestrian island subject to a 20mph speed limit.

A full safety audit will take place after the work is completed, but officers are looking into temporary solutions to safety fears in the meantime.

The plan is to hold a full residents’ meeting to assuage any remaining worries about the crossing, and measures are already being planned to improve the area for the town’s cyclists.

Toby Robson, of Swindon Back Garden, said: “This has been a first stage meeting to show what our concerns were.

“We have been trying to engage with the officers so our local councillors indicated our concerns.

“Most of the main questions were asked but there were not many answers at this stage.”

Toby said that with the grand opening of the Regent Circus complex pencilled in for September 4, time is running out to rectify any lasting issues.

“We want clarification now on some of the safety issues,” he said.

“It is good that discussions are now taking place, but when mitigation is being put in place this late it makes things difficult.”

Coun Stan Pajak (Lib Dem, Eastcott), attended the meeting on Tuesday with council officers.

“There are worries about how the area is going to cope, because there is no pelican- type crossing there,” he said.

“In theory we have got a ramped area where pedestrians have priority.

“So far we have not had any major problems, but it is a big worry for local residents.

“Right now we have got all the construction work taking place, and this has been an opportunity to talk to officers and show them the concerns.

“They have now gone away to look at how they can improve things in this temporary period.

“One issue from cyclists was to do with the width of the cobbles, and a consultant has agreed to raise the depth so cyclists no longer get stuck.

“This was a chance for officers and ourselves to talk about these issues.

“But from a local point of view we will have a residents’ meeting to let them get some of the answers from officers.

“They have set a provisional date for the grand launch on September 4.

“It is quite remarkable the speed with which they have managed to build it.”