KARAOKE connosseurs gathered at The Victoria in Old Town for the grand final of their annual competition.

As well as enjoying the music, they were raising money for the Swindon Advertiser’s 160 Appeal in aid of Prospect Hospice, with performers and audience members alike digging deep to fill collecting tins.

This year’s judges for the final were Gifty Tawiah, from Prospect, Barrie Hudson, from the Adver, and Ed Dyer, from The Ocelot magazine.

The nine finalists had been chosen during heats over the preceding weeks, and each sang two songs.

The winner was Robert Felstead, who began with Cee Lo Green’s FU and finished with a version of Delilah that brought the house down.

The runner-up was Phlemmy, who started with The Wurzels’ The Blackbird and followed it with perennial karaoke favourite My Way, while third place went to Sarah Lewis with The Cranberries’ Zombie and Divinyls classic I Touch Myself.

The Victoria’s owner, Violet McLaren, said: “Thank you to everyone who entered. There was so much talent it was difficult enough to judge the heats, never mind the final.

“Our winner, Robert Felstead, put on a fantastic performance and we look forward to having him back next year as a judge.

“Finally, thank you to everyone who gave so generously to support the Advertiser's 160 Appeal in support of the Prospect. I am looking forward to hearing how much was raised.”