ARKELL’S Brewery will be questioned by Bishopstone Parish Council before the latter decides how it wishes to respond to Swindon Council’s invitations for interest in The True Heart Inn.

Swindon Council published a public notice last week, which invited any public interest in the pub, which is listed as an asset of community value.

The notice is thought to have been triggered by an offer from the Swindon brewery, which was revealed in a document sent to the parish council by the local authority.

At a public meeting last week, parish councillors agreed they would not rush into any decision on a bid, but felt talks with the brewery on its plans for the pub were essential.

Ian Thomas, who sits on the council, said: “Some councillors were keen that we didn’t jump into anything, only because we are not completely aware of what Arkell’s proposals are.

“We might try and have chat with them about their proposals and then respond before the deadline passes.

“We were generally very pleased that an offer from a brewery has been made, but there was scant detail in the notice and we would like to know more from the brewery.”

Mr Thomas said the meeting was not attended by any members of the public, but felt this was not because of a lack of interest in the pub.

He said discussions regarding the pub were only added to the agenda at the 11th hour and not many people would have know about the matter.

At a meeting in March, when John Jones, the pub’s current owner, laid out development plans for the site, more than 50 members of the public voiced their opinions on the site.

Any qualifying community interest group wishing to be treated as a potential bidder must make themselves known to Swindon Council on or before Thursday, September 4.

The pub has been listed as a community asset since November 4 last year.