CHILDREN from all over Swindon came together for a special summer party at Jolly Roger, courtesy of the Walcot Charity Shop and Library.

Debbie Estarbrook, manager at the Walcot Charity Shop and Library in Sussex Square, said: “We’re run entirely by volunteers, so every donation we get is saved up to be ploughed back into the community. That’s how we were able to fund to have a party at The Jolly Rogers for about 150 children.

“Since it’s the summer holidays at the moment all the children are off and it was just something that we thought they could do which was a bit different and fun.

“There were a lot of children who did come from Walcot itself but there were others from all over Swindon, from Stratton and from Abbey Meads, from all over.

“It cost about £850 in the end, all from donations to the shop so that the children could have a free party.”

Children who went along to the party on Wednesday not only had free rein of the indoor soft play facility in Greenbridge Road, but tucked into a boxed meal, enjoyed copious amounts of sweets laid out and numerous drinks.

There were even visited by the Swindon Mayor, Coun Teresa Page.

Debbie said: “This time we had a fancy dress theme, but we didn’t want to judge it ourselves so we asked the mayor to come along to do the judging.

“Jolly Roger brought out a throne for her to sit on and gave her a crown and everything – they were so good.

“All the children loved it, they were so excited and happy.”

The winner of the fancy dress competition was awarded a £50 Toys R Us voucher, while two runners-up – a boy and a girl – were awarded a £10 Toys R Us voucher each.

Debbie said: “Jolly Roger were amazing too.

“The staff were so friendly and helpful and they were there if we needed anything.”

The Charity Shop and Library in Sussex Square is always looking to hear about causes in the local community that they could support with the generous donations to the shop.

Anyone looking for the support can contact the shop on 01793 526659.