PAINTER David Robin-son is just one of the artists who will be opening his doors to the public when Swindon Open Studios returns.

Next month more than 50 local artists will be displaying their work, in a town-wide exhibition of sculptures, paintings, sketches and crafts.

A number of new and original pieces will be on show, and the Old Town Business Association has organised for art to be displayed and sold in its shop windows during the last few days.

David, who lives and works in the town centre and specialises in Swin-don cityscapes, is looking forward for the chance to share his work with the rest of the town.

He said: “It’s a joint venture where lots of different artists from around the town come together to share their work with the public.

“People can come along and see artists working in their studios and look at the work in progress.

“Every artist works in a different way and has a different method to go about their work so it’s a good opportunity for the public to find out how each one works.

Other well respected artists from around the town who are taking part in the event include Rachel Pryor and Jane Milner-Barry, as well as David Bent and Liam Shortridge.

They work in a variety of media, from traditional oil painting and pencil drawings through to modern kiln glass and textiles.

Stone and metal sculptures will also be on show, as well as textiles, photography, lino cuts and mosaics.

And four short films from Create Studios, which helps young people develop their digital arts skills, will be shown on the Big Screen on September 13 and 14.

Swindon Open Studios will take place during September 6 and 7 and September 13 and 14.

A launch event will be held at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery from 7pm to 8.30pm on September 5.