STAFF at the Great Western Hospital are supporting a national campaign aimed at improving compassionate care.

Throughout August staff on the Woodpecker ward have been taking part in the Hello my name is... campaign, which aims to remind healthcare staff about the importance of introducing themselves to every patient they meet and encouraging their peers to do the same.

The campaign was launched last year by Dr Kate Granger, a terminally-ill cancer patient who, during a hospital stay, observed that few staff introduced themselves when looking after her.

Woodpecker Ward staff are wearing special name badges to show their support for the campaign and are giving questionnaires to patients before and during the trial period.

Staff are also being asked to complete a questionnaire about how they are doing.

Dr Granger said: “During a hospital stay last summer I made the stark observation that many staff looking after me did not introduce themselves before delivering care.

“This felt wrong, so encouraged and supported by my husband we decided to start a campaign to encourage and remind healthcare staff about the importance of introductions in the delivery of care.

“I believe it is not just about knowing someone’s name, it’s about building a human connection, beginning a therapeutic relationship and building trust.

“In my mind it is the first rung on the ladder to providing compassionate care.”

Mal Stewart, Woodpecker Ward manager, said: “The name badges will help us to build trust and a rapport with those in our care.

“It will help patients, particularly those that are vulnerable, but it’s also a good starting point for building relationships with relatives, carers and our colleagues.”

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