WILTSHIRE Police are appealing for information following two distraction burglaries in Swindon.

The first took place in Stamford Close, Toot-hill, on July 31 shortly before 1pm.

The victim, a man in his late 70s, was at home when a man claiming to be from the water board asked to be let in via an intercom system.

The suspect claimed that the downstairs properties had been flooded and he needed to check the victim’s taps.

The victim let him in and he checked the kitchen taps and looked under the kitchen sink.

He then left and the victim realised that a substantial amount of money had been stolen from his property.

The second burglary took place at a property at Dores Court, Swindon on August 2 at 1.40pm.

On this occasion, a man knocked on the front door of the home of a man in his 80s and told him he was from the water board and needed to check his taps.

He let him in and the suspect turned on the kitchen taps and asked the victim to check the water meter in the bathroom.

As he did this, the suspect then told him he was leaving and would return in 10 minutes. The man left the property and did not return.

It is not believed that anything was stolen during this incident.

The suspect in both cases is described as a white man, aged 30 to 40, about 6ft tall with light brown hair. He was wearing a workman’s waistcoat which was either orange or yellow.

PC Jared Yalden, of the Priority Crime Team in Swindon, said: “Bogus callers often target the elderly and the most vulnerable members of our society.

“I would urge residents not to open their doors unless they are expecting a visitor and to check their identity before letting them in.

“Genuine employees will be more than happy to show you some form of ID and for you to call their employer to ensure that they are legitimate.”