BLIND musician Trev Taylor has recorded an album in support of the Wiltshire Blind Association.

Trev, 69, a retired Swindon Council surveyor, took up the guitar when he was 15 after his father gave him one as a present.

The new album, titled Roses, Roads And Barking Dogs, is Trev’s fourth studio album.

It was recorded at Gatehouse Studios in Kembrey Park and features an array of contributors.

Trev, who suffers from the degenerative eye disease retinitis pigmentosa, has been registered blind for 15 years.

When he was first diagnosed he was helped by the charity.

And the musician, who lives in Hathaway Road, Stratton, said he was keen to help.

“When I was first diagnosed they came around and helped me in the right direction,” he said.

“They kept my life on track, they helped me with any aids I needed.”

While Trev is technically partially-sighted, by official records he is considered blind, but it’s a condition which has never got in the way of his music.

He has long been a member of a three-piece band called Itchy Feet, and he felt music was the best way he could raise money for the charity.

And he has put up more than £1,500 of his own money to finance the recording time.

The CD, which features a range of country and folk songs, has been duplicated 60 times and is being sold for £7.

So far, 23 of the CDs have been sold by Trev, who will donate every pound raised to the charity.

“I’m a bit of a singer and guitar player. I’ve recorded a couple of CDs in the past,” he said.

“I thought, ‘I’m retired now, I would like to make another decent album.’ “I have reached out to all the musicians I have played with over the years to help me out.

“I’m never going to make a million from this record, so why not donate the proceeds to the charity?

“I would go down to the studio, record tracks, bring them home, listen to them and listen to them some more before deciding on changes and then go back into the studio.”

If anyone likes the 13-track album, they can see it performed live by Trev on September 26 at the launch of the Wiltshire Blind Association’s new headquarters in Devizes.

He will also perform at the Fairford, Faringdon, Filkins and Burford Country Show on September 27.

For more information call Trev on 01793 831 625.