A TEENAGER from West Swindon has raised £1,100 for charity after cutting off 11 inches of her hair.

Chelsea Paul grew her hair out for eight months before the big chop on Saturday to fundraise for the Little Princess Trust.

The 14-year-old also donated her golden locks to the charity, which makes wigs out of real human hair for boys and girls who have lost their own due to alopecia or cancer treatment.

Her hair was so long that it had to be plaited before it could be cut.

She was motivated to raise the money in 2016 when she learned that close family friend Ali Jones had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

Mum Deanna was amazed by her daughter's generous spirit.

The 41-year-old said: "I'm really chuffed and proud, she researched everything herself, it was all her idea.

"I'm quite surprised, everyone has been so generous.

"Her target was £500 and donations are still coming in and hopefully we'll get more and more."

Chelsea said: "I did it because I can help less fortunate kids and give them my hair and because of Ali, she's like my second mum."

Ali has previously survived breast cancer and her daughter Maddison, who has alopecia, is best friends with Chelsea.

Ali described how she felt when she found out what Chelsea was doing.

She said: "I cried, it was such a thoughtful and caring thing, she's an amazing girl and it's for such a good cause.

"I lost my hair through chemotherapy, the physical and psychological impact of not having hair is huge, especially for teenage girls that are very image-conscious.

"This makes the journey a little bit easier., it's turned quite a negative thing into a positive.

"She always thinks of other people."

Chelsea added: "I was nervous before I got my hair cut but also really excited.

"My family have said I'm an inspiration and were really happy that I was doing this."

The Pauls organised a little get-together to celebrate the impressive total with cake and nibbles.

Deanna added: "I've known Ali for eight years.

"We're a very very close family and we thought we'd have everyone round to have a party."

Her Dad Danny also had a dramatic haircut on the same day and also donated his hair to the Little Princess Trust.

He said: "I was quite shocked when she first told me but I'm very proud. She might keep doing it every year."

The Little Princess Trust receives no formal funding and relies solely on the efforts of enthusiastic community fundraisers to keep supplying wigs to help children through the upsetting process of hair loss.

To donate, visit justgiving.com/fundraising/ChelseaPaul