HARD WORK is the key to living to 100, according to centenarian Edna Rye.

Edna, who is best known to her friends and family as Madge, celebrated her landmark birthday in style on Saturday.

A party was held the Marriott Hotel, in Old Town , to mark the special day and Madge said she was overwhelmed by the occasion.

She said: “It is marvellous to have everyone here.

“My head is spinning, but I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my family.

“I think the key to reaching 100 is hard work.”

Madge, who lives in Lawn, has lived in Swindon all her life, going to primary school at Jenning Street.

She was a volunteer nurse during the war and has been a volunteer all her life. She also performed in the Swindon Choral Society. Her father worked as a railwayman and until a recent fall she was a highly independent woman.

The party on Saturday was organised by her cousin Trevor Tollerfield, who said that Madge had been like a second mum to him.

He said: “She is a lovely woman. She has always had a lot of friends and it is nice to have everyone here today.

“She has always been looking after other people, her first thought was always for other people, and I think that sums her up.”

Widow Madge, who received a card from the Queen to mark her 100th birthday, was also joined by an old school friend.

Marjorie Brunger, who turns 100 herself next February, joined in the celebrations after recently getting back in contact with Madge at a lunch club in Walcot .

She said: “It is wonderful to be here and for Madge to be marking her 100th birthday.

“There are certain people in life who you just know are good friends no matter what and Madge is one of those people.

“We met at a lunch club recently and I am delighted to be here today.”